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Today has just been gorgeous outside…  I haven’t had much of a chance to be out there but I did briefly head out earlier this evening when I took my dog for a walk! 🙂 (Currently it is “daylight savings” here which means it doesn’t get dark until after 8pm or so.)

I’ve uploaded this beauty related post first tonight so as to make up for the totally random post I’ll also be uploading! 😉 Later this month I aim to focus on doing reviews on products readers are requesting to hear about – so far I have been asked to review more hand lotions/creams – any other  requests??? 🙂

Welcome November! Geez not long until the end of the year now… When you start to see Christmas decorations everywhere – and Christmas foods for sale – you know the year is on the way out!

What do people think of AVON products? I used to love getting the AVON booklet from our local distributor when I was in high school, as most of their cosmetics were very affordable and fun to experiment with as a teenager. There isn’t a distributor – or at least doesn’t seem to be one – in my area but my Mum has one. So she often asks me if I want to order stuff.

Anyway, recently Mum’s local distributor supplied her with some free samples. She didn’t want them so I gladly accepted them and gave them a test run. I scored a full size Naturals Mint Lip Pot, and samples of Skin So Soft Bath Oil – Original Scent + Advance Techniques Professional Hair Care Daily Results Shampoo and Conditioner, as per below:

avon products

Price range: I’m not sure as these were supplied to me free of charge.

Where can I buy it? exclusive to AVON

The Lip Pot lip gloss is a handy size (about 2.5cm across) and smells lovely with a nice fresh mint scent which I thought was just right. Unfortunately I’m usually NOT a big fan of lip gloss jars or pots as, of course, you have to stick your fingers or a lip brush in there (eew germs!). It was difficult to get the product out to apply to my lips as the consistency of the gloss was very solid despite the warm weather.  I probably wouldn’t buy this product.

I haven’t ever used bath oil before but thought I’d give the Skin So Soft Bath Oil a try. There was approximately a tablespoon of the oil in the sample supplied which was plenty in my large bath tub. Unfortunately the scent was extremely strong and overpowering – a musky floral – which lingered a little even the next day after having a shower (using a different product, of course)!!!  If you like strong fragrances this product may be for you, but it’s not for me!

Last – but not least – the shampoo and conditioner. I’m not a fan of products that contain sulfates (US spelling)/sulphates (British and Australian spelling), which this does, but thought I’d try these out once for the sake of the blog! The shampoo had a nice and fresh fruity scent, but the fragrance of the conditioner was far too strong for me. I couldn’t understand why so much perfume was used as the fragrance didn’t last any longer than other (less strongly perfumed) shampoos and conditioners I’ve used – I could not smell the fragrance on my hair the next day. My hair did look nice and shiny afterwards.  Again these are probably only best if you like strong fragrances and aren’t fussed if something is sulphate and paraben free or not.

Sorry AVON, I was not impressed this time around! 😦

Beautiful rating (for all three products overall): quality 1/5, value 2/5 (I’m not sure of the exact RRP but I think these products would be fairly cheap… Maybe this is a case of “you get what you pay for”? ;)).

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