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white glo extra strength whitening toothpaste – coffee & tea drinker’s formula

Hey readers,

This is probably the longest gap I’ve had between posts since starting the blog! I’ve had a busy few days but have had this and a few other posts in the works (including the next guy’s review and a reader request review post) – so bear with me! 🙂

The hot weather is officially here – it’s approx. a quarter past 7 at night and it’s still 31 degrees Centigrade (C). Tomorrow it’s going to get to 37 *sweats*! (I don’t mind warm weather but the air conditioner has died in my car and I am not looking forward to the long drive to and from work that I have tomorrow! 😦 )

Is anyone going to the beach tonight or tomorrow? 🙂


Well one thing I’d like to change about myself cosmetically is the colour of my teeth. They tend to get a bit yellow as I am a regular coffee and tea drinker (I don’t smoke)! I’ve had my teeth professionally whitened before but despite using Colgate’s whitening toothpastes my teeth never stay as white as I’d like. So, when I read Sakura‘s review of White Glo‘s Professional Choice toothpaste (you can read it here) and saw how good her teeth looked afterwards (she smokes) I just had to try it!

When I got to the supermarket I saw that there are several different versions of the product, including one specifically aimed at those who regularly drink coffee and/or tea. So I picked that one up. Here’s some shots of the product including everything that comes along with the toothpaste:

So as you can see, not only do you get the toothpaste but also a toothbrush and some tooth flossing picks (of course those are single use so I think they’ve just included them as samples – there aren’t enough to last you for the life of the toothpaste).

Price range: $4.99 AUD

Where can I get it? supermarkets and chemists

I didn’t like the flossing picks much – I’ll stick to standard dental floss! (I didn’t find them to be particularly effective compared to standard floss. Has anyone else tried flossing picks? If so, what did you think of them?)

The toothpaste itself has a bit of an odd taste. It’s hard for me to explain but it’s less minty and more of a bland creamy taste which isn’t horrible but it’s not pleasant either! The key difference between this paste and the others in the range is that it reportedly contains waxes which help repel stains – maybe that contributes to the taste?

I also noticed that when using the toothpaste that it foams A LOT. So much so that when I was trying to brush thoroughly the foam got in the way of properly brushing (I only used a pea size amount!) – I felt like I was going to choke.  😦 Sodium laureth sulfate is one of the ingredients (I don’t like that ingredient much and avoid it in shampoos, for example) and my understanding of that ingredient is that it is usually included to help things “foam”.

Anyhow, down to the results – how white did my teeth get? So far I’ve trialled it over 4 days (and today’s day 5). I’m noticing a subjective and gradual improvement but when you look at the photos, the improvement isn’t so obvious…

*Click away now if you get grossed out by teeth photos!* (LOL! Don’t mind my weird teeth poses either – I’m trying to give you a good view of the teeth in each shot :P)

Before my first brushing (hmm dodgy lighting isn’t it? Sorry!):

After day 3:

After day 4:

Hmm I think the jury’s out on this one so far. I’ll keep using it for the remainder of the month at least, and will take a photo at the end to update y’all, but so far it’s been very mild improvement.

Beautiful rating: quality 3/5 – it’s not fast acting!    value 4/5 – you do get a lot for your money and it is gradually helping

What do others think about teeth? Are white teeth important to you? Do you take notice of others’ teeth?


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