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Makeup Made Easy Workshop

Good evening all! How has your Monday been?

I love trying out make up and other beauty products, but when it comes to applying make up I’m pretty much self (and blog/YouTube! ;)) taught. So when I saw a one day introductory workshop for <$100 AUD I signed up! (The workshop is called “Make Up Made Easy – For Women” and was held yesterday at the WEA in Adelaide.)

Each student was asked to bring along their own make up kit (consisting of whatever make up they usually use) as well as some specific brushes and a few other basics (mirror, make up remover, etc). We were requested to attend without any make up on! (AAARGH! I felt a bit naked without my make up! 😉  However it did make getting ready in the morning super fast, which meant I could sleep in – yay!)

There were about 20 people in the class and all ages, which made the class very interesting as our teacher (Lyn – she told us she’s been working as a makeup artist for approx. 25 years and was very good!) was able to tailor her advice to each age group.The morning was devoted to theory, and the afternoon for applying our make up using our new knowledge! Lyn also helped each student with any aspect of application they might be stuck on.

Some of the new things that I learnt included:

  • Middle range brand make up is typically just as good as the designer brands.
  • If you use a good quality foundation, the quality of the other products is less important as your skin is protected by the foundation (however I know that really cheap eyeshadow etc doesn’t tend to last very long!).
  • Any one can wear any colour make up (e.g. eyeshadow), besides foundation, if you are skilled in applying it!
  • Mineral powder foundation lasts best if you use it as a translucent powder after applying liquid foundation, rather than just using the powder alone (I thought this was particularly interesting as that is what I do already! ;))
  • If you want to make your eyes appear bigger, when applying eyeliner, just line 1/2 of the eye (i.e. from outer corner through to middle of your iris) rather than all the way across.
  • Don’t forget to blend blend BLEND! This might sound like an obvious point, but by paying extra attention to this when applying my eyeshadow it made a huge difference! 🙂 (I thought I was blending fine until I attended this class LOL!)

The TOP tip that I learnt related to application of eyebrow pencil. My brows are a light mousey brown colour and when doing a full face of make up, they appear too pale and almost disappear! I’ve tried to apply eyebrow pencil lightly and directly to my brow, and then have brushed it through, but have always found it looks a bit too harsh. (This then means that I end up avoiding wearing eyebrow pencil and so have wasted $$$ on good pencils!)

>> Lyn’s tip – scribble some eyebrow pencil on the back of your hand, and then run the eyebrow brush through that. Then, simply comb your brows! Presto, better defined brows that look natural!!! 😀

What are some of your top beauty tips? I’d love to hear them!!! 🙂

PS. As you can see on the sticky post (looks like a Post It note) on my site, I’m in the midst of creating a Blogroll (for those who are not aware of this term, blogroll = list of links to other blogger’s sites). If you would like to promote your blog via my Blogroll, please contact me! (Comment, FB/Twitter, or email: abeautifulstory[at]hotmail[dot]com.) All I ask in return is that you pretty please include my site on your Blogroll! 🙂

PPS. How cool does the eye make up look in the picture above??? Fierce, huh?!

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    Posted by Gino Kaplan | January 5, 2012, 3:43 pm

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