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THEFACESHOP: Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch

Happy Thursday! 🙂

Tonight I’m reviewing this:

I’m starting to get some fine lines around my eyes, particularly when I smile, and so tried this THEFACESHOP product out! (To provide some context: I’m late 20s, combination to oily skin, don’t smoke, don’t tan, moisturise, use sunscreen regularly, try to remember to wear my sunnies when outdoors all year round…!) It claims to be an “intense eye lift mask” which works to “soothe the eye area” and create “more youthful skin”, as well as boosting endorphins! (LOL that’s the first time I’ve found a beauty product that specifically claims to do that! :))

Here are my thoughts…

Price range: I picked up two packages (each package contains 2 eye patches, 1 for each eye) for $9.95 AUD.

Where can I get it? Exclusive to THEFACESHOP.

You have to be careful taking the eye patches out, as they are in a plastic tray and if you happen to open the package upside down (which you won’t know until you open it!) they could fall out on the floor! (Luckily this didn’t happen to me, phew!) here you can see the patches in their tray, which looks a bit like an odd blurry line (ok ok I need a better camera! ;)):

The patches have a slight berry fragrance and have an unusual appearance, a bit like a firm mesh like jelly! When you put them under each eye you can feel the skin tightening straight away, but it isn’t unpleasant… in fact it feels quite refreshing!

40 minutes later… (I left them on for the recommended time) I felt relaxed and my face felt fresh, but I can’t say I necessarily had an endorphin boost! 😛 Unfortunately I didn’t notice much difference in my fine lines! Perhaps this is something that you need to use over a longer period of time to get optimum results, as the packaging does indicate it is designed to promote collagen production in one’s own skin, which would take time… For now I’ll just keep remembering to wear my huge sunnies when I’m out in the sun! 😛 (and to keep moisturising day and night haha!)

Nevertheless, due to the reasonable cost this product may be worth you trying to see if you get different results!

Beautiful rating: quality 2/5, value 1/5 (it felt lovely on my skin but didn’t seem to work for me, hence I can’t say it is great quality or value :()


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