eurrh! (can’t quite type this as it sounds) home improvements…

Evening all! 🙂

I’ve decided to devote a post to this as it is something that will be taking up heaps of my time over the Xmas and new year period, and probably most of January. This may mean I won’t be blogging as much, so by writing this you will understand why!

The time and effort I will spend will be worth it… I’m renovating my kitchen! I live in a property which is very 1970s and so some major work is required. There is a lot of brown which has got to go!

And, well, I have enlisted the help of my trusty Dad. He’s a tradie (and has been for >30 years) but carpentry and plumbing are not the areas he’s formally qualified in. He’s renovated his own house so he does know what he’s doing to a degree, but things don’t always quite turn out as planned. I’m going to save a lot of money doing it this way (as for materials alone I’ve spent ~$3000 AUD – hence I haven’t been going out a lot lately! 😦 – just imagine how much more it would cost including labour!) BUT there is the risk that something will look quirky in the end as dad has a tendency to freestyle with designs and layouts! (*crossing fingers all will be well* I have been heavily involved in the design process!)

I’ve always thought of Dad and his DIY stuff as a bit like “Tim the Toolman” from the American 90s sitcom “Home Improvement”. However the big difference between my Dad and Tim is that things don’t blow up (thank goodness!)!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series, here’s a clip of the theme song (with the infamous “eurrh!” sound Tim used to always make):

Anyone else planning to do some home renovations over the Xmas/new year period?! Feel free to share photos! (I’ll be uploading some before and afters once it’s all complete… hopefully I won’t have lost my mind by then LOL!)

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