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Hey everyone! 🙂

If you celebrate Xmas, how was yours? 🙂 Mine was quiet but also relaxing – I caught up with my parents and brother for lunch at their house. My grandparents also attended. Despite it being summer here, we had the “traditional” lunch of roast turkey etc etc!

Here’s Bonnie using her Xmas gift! 😉

For the remaining days (we had public holidays on the Monday and Tuesday) I was helping my Dad with the kitchen renovations.

Here’s the kitchen when we began to dismantle it – our first step was to take the doors off most cupboards (how 1970s is this kitchen?! :-/ )… Yeah the kitchen is pretty messy! 😮

Here are some step by step pics of what we’ve done so far….

hehe photobombed by Bonnie! 😉

…and this is how it looked when I returned from work today! (Yes I’m back at work already 😦 however I get a week off on the week of Australia Day – that’s 26/1! :-))

Hope that you have all had a great holiday weekend! 🙂 I will upload more pix of the kitchen as the renovations continue… Can’t wait till I have a functional kitchen again!


I’m starting to think about my resolutions for 2012… Do you make new year resolutions? 🙂 I don’t do it every year but I try to do it most years as having some goals gives me focus! Health will be important in 2012 as well as career. I’m considering doing some further study but I’m not sure what area; also I must take into account that my Japanese classes restart soon so that will take up my Wednesday evenings (class) and Sunday afternoons (study)! Hmm and it would have to be an inexpensive course as I’ve had to spend a lot on the kitchen…

What are your resolutions for 2012? 🙂

A website that I find useful for goal setting but also other things is 🙂


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