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Holy Moly – it’s Tony Moly! Face Mask Sheets Review

Hi readers and visitors! How has your weekend been going so far? Mine’s been pretty good however I’ve spent most of it at home, helping Dad with the ongoing kitchen renovations. It is almost done so I will have some more photos to share with you all soon! 🙂


Have you tried any Tony Moly products? I had heard a little bit about them via other blogs but had not tried them myself. There is no Tony Moly store in my city (but there is a Face Shop store and that’s very popular! :)) but recently local store Morning Glory (which also sells cute plushies, hair accessories, stationery, and other things from Korea as well as some Chinese and Japanese stuff) started to stock Tony Moly products. So I decided to give some a try!

(Tony Moly is a Korean cosmetics and skin care brand. If you have not heard of them before you can visit their global site here which also includes TV commericals and other videos! They started out in 2006 and quickly became popular in Korea and neighbouring countries.)

I picked up two masks and will review each in turn….

Mask 1: Tony Moly Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask Super Q10

Price range: $2.50 AUD

Where can I get it? Tony Moly stores, online, and at other retailers (Morning Glory stocks them in Adelaide; they are likely to stock these in their other stores around Australia too!)

I was looking forward to trying this product as I had heard many positive things about the Tony Moly brand! When I opened it up the mask sheet was generously soaked in serum and had a light, pleasant fragrance. The mask sheet itself appeared to made of a very fine material and felt good on my skin.

Unfortunately, despite this mask being marketed as being able to “keeps the skin’s moisutre power all day long”, it did not have a moisturising effect on my skin. My skin actually felt somewhat dry immediately after I removed the mask and that feeling persisted until I applied my usual night cream.

As such I don’t think this mask performs well at all, particularly given that my skin is <30 years old and combination to oily. Someone with dry skin would certainly not get any benefit from it.

Beautiful rating: quality 1/5, value 1/5. To me it does not do what it markets itself as being able to do = very disappointed! 😦


Mask 2: Tony Moly Essential Mask Sheet Pack Green Tea

Price range: $2.50 AUD

Where can I get it? Tony Moly stores, online, and at other retailers (e.g. Morning Glory).

Again, lots of serum and the mask itself had a nice light texture. The light fragrance was also nice but only slightly reminded me of green tea! This mask had a very refreshing effect on my skin whilst on, but as soon as I removed it my skin did not feel particularly moisturised. It didn’t feel dry, however, such as when using the Q10 one, which was a relief! 🙂

For my skin type (heading towards 30 and combination – slighly oily) this is a good mask to use in hot weather when wanting something refreshing which does not overly hydrate. It certainly won’t leave your skin feeling greasy!

Beautiful rating: quality 3/5, value 3/5. I found this mask to be much better suited to my skin, but still not particularly moisturising. Young skin (teens through to early 20s) and/or people with very oily skin are likely to really like this mask.


I’m not sure at this stage if I will review any further Tony Moly products in the future, given the somewhat disappointing results! (Though the Green Tea one wasn’t too bad.) For those who use and/or have reviewed Tony Moly products, what are your favourite products in their range? What would you recommend I use from their range given my skin type?

Sayonara peeps! (I also have to fit in some Japanese study today; then I’m heading off for coffee with a friend. :))

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Enjoys reading, writing, eating!, watching anime, spending time with friends, walking and grooming my dog, learning new things, and mucking around with health and beauty products!


2 thoughts on “Holy Moly – it’s Tony Moly! Face Mask Sheets Review

  1. I recommend you to use their Tomatox which for brightening and gives your skin more natural look and Appletox which is for exfoliating, it cleans out the dirt that had been stucked in your pores. I’ve been using them for months already. So yeah really love it!!!!

    Posted by Pauline | April 23, 2012, 8:21 am

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