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The Body Shop: Japanese Cherry Blossom eau de toilette

Hello! How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day? 🙂

I saw one of the nicest forms of advertising that I’d seen in a long time on the streets of my home town yesterday… This was from a gourmet cupcake shop called Butterflies (who do YUMMY cakes in Adelaide if you’ve never tried them):

On the weekend I visited The Body Shop for a browse… I came out with some perfume! 🙂 However, this purchase was justified as I’d run out of my usual perfume and have been unable to find it at local shops (I could try eBay but thought I’d try something new – see my upcoming Empties [February] post if curious!).Here are my thoughts…

Price: $31.95 AUD

Where can I get it? Exclusive to The Body Shop

What first caught my eye about the perfume was the size of the bottle. Compact enough to easily fit in my bag without weighing it down (which is a major issue with my usual perfume).

Most importantly, this smells lovely! It has a sweet and lightly floral scent with musky undertones. In other words = sweet and floral with a lingering light musky smell! 🙂

It lasts a reasonable time but unlike my more expensive Vivienne Westwood perfumes (have only reviewed one so far over here) you will need to spray more on during the day or night. So far I’ve found that at work, if I reapply it at lunch time it lasts through to home time.

Whilst I like this fragrance a lot, I probably won’t purchase it again as I prefer fragrances that last longer, especially during our summer which we are in now (in which temperatures are typically 35 degrees + Celsius or higher).

Beautiful rating: quality 3/5, value 3/5. Smells lovely but not a standout product for me.


PS. I liked the shopping bags used at my local Body Shop! 🙂 What do you think???


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