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Fringe 2012: The LoveBirds

Hi! How has everyone’s week been so far? I’ve come down with some kind of cold, which seems strange to me because it is in the middle of summer (over 30 degrees Celsius here today!). 😦

Are any of my fellow Adelaidians attending Fringe shows this year? I like to see at least one or two shows every year! 🙂 I also love hanging out with friends in the Garden of Unearthly Delights. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Adelaide Fringe, here’s a recap of my take on it from last week:

“For those of you who are thinking “what?” the Adelaide Fringe is an international arts, comedy, and performance type festival. Like the Edinburgh Fringe. It is the best time of year to visit Adelaide as for approximately a month the city comes alive with a, hmm, I would say “classy carnival” atmosphere. (It only used to be held once every 2 years, but it became so popular it is now a yearly event, yaaaaay! :) ) Events are held all around the CBD but also in some of Adelaide’s park lands which are converted to what they call the “Garden of Unearthly Delights” (or just the “Garden” if you’re a local ;) ). There you can eat and drink to your hearts’ content, check out impromptu acts as well as buy tickets to cabaret, comedy, magic and other shows being held in tents (but classy tents! :) ) within the Garden. There are also carnival rides… OK the more I try and describe this the stranger it sounds, check out the official site if you are interested to hear more :) over here:


I was lucky to score tickets to see a cabaret performance on Friday night, called The LoveBirds*. I enjoy cabaret but had not read anything about this particular show, so was not sure what to expect! However I was very impressed and both R and I enjoyed it a lot!

The LoveBirds focuses on the stories of four LoveBirds enjoying a night of freedom. Rare, exotic and erotic creatures, they are ornately adorned in all sorts of feathers and sparkles – even the boys!

The story line was interesting, original, and funny. Costuming was excellent and I thought that each of the cast members had fantastic voices. The venue, the Spiegeltent, is always great but I thought the sound was a tad too loud at times. I’m not sure if this was due to me sitting towards the back, where additional speakers may have been placed.

I never really enjoy lining up for shows in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, as it is so crowded in the Garden, but the usher for this show was very professional and we were able to get into the venue easily. Here’s what the line looked like! (This is typical, however, for any show you go to see in the Garden.)

Don't fret! This shot includes a lot of people walking down the main path of the Garden (as the Spiegeltent is near the entrance). The line is at the far right of this picture.

I should also mention that this show was very interactive. The Birds interact directly with the audience which helps bring the show to life and makes it even more fun to watch! 🙂

In all I strongly recommend seeing The LoveBirds if you enjoy cabaret. If you are not familiar with cabaret, this is a good show to provide you with an introduction!

I would give The LoveBirds 5/5, or 5 tweets! 😉

To read more about their show visit the official Fringe webpage for The LoveBirds at

*Tickets were provided to me for the purposes of a review. This did NOT influence my opinion of the show in any shape or form. As after all, only honest reviews are worth reading, right?!


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