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Mmm Strawberries & Champagne – Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist

Happy Sunday all! 🙂

The weather has been absolutely stinking hot here! 😦 Today we are meant to have 80% humidity too, which is unusual for Adelaide… However this weather has meant that this particular product, Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist in Strawberries and Champagne, has come in very handy as it’s so refreshing!!!

Here are my thoughts…

Price: $12 USD or 5 for $30 USD online (I received this mist as a gift, I don’t usually look up RRP of gifts I received but this was necessary for the review – cheeky me huh?! ;))

Where can I get it? Victoria’s Secret outlets in the USA or online. Not sure if they ship to Australia or what the costs of that are!

This mist is true to its word, it does smell just like strawberries and champagne, with the strawberry aspect being most prominent. It is not overly sweet or overpowering.

As it is a mist rather than eau de toilette, it is not meant to be long lasting. As such I find it is great to spritz on during a hot day to give a bit of a pick me up, but would not use it in place of a standard perfume.

In all I think this product is great value and very nice. No complaints! If I had to look for some downsides, the only one I noted was the product’s large size (250ml) preventing it from fitting into smaller handbags.

Beautiful rating: quality 5/5, value 5/5!

Thank you for this nice gift Linda! 🙂


Does anyone else use Victoria’s Secret beauty products? What do you think of them?

What are your top tips for keeping cool on a hot summer’s day? 🙂


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