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Etude is in da House! … or maybe not! Etude House Daily Mask + Fresh Cherry Tint

Hi again! For those of you who follow me on Twitter (you can find me at @beautstoryblog) you might have seen my promise yesterday to post not 1, but yep 2 posts that afternoon! As also seen on Twitter I had to go back on this promise! 😦 However, I had a good reason – I was going out for my birthday and was running late! I had a great time last night and want to say a big “thank you!” to all who came out to see me and hang out! 🙂

I enjoy blogging but writing multiple posts in the one sitting is hard for me. I find it hard to maintain my concentration despite being interested in what I’m writing about! Does anyone else have this problem? More importantly, has anyone found a solution to this problem?! 😉


image: (this website is really interesting if you are into sociology - worth checking out!)

Etude House, like THEFACESHOP and Tony Moly, is a Korean skin care and cosmetics brand. I happened to order some of their products from an eBay seller based in Korea recently, including the Daily Mask Skin Essence (20 pack). They threw in some free samples, including that of the Fresh Cherry Tint in Red and Pink (it also comes in a peachy colour).

So, what did I think of these? Here we go! 🙂

Daily Mask Skin Essence (20 pack)

hmm… too bad i can’t read korean! i didn’t follow the instructions properly, i think, and threw out the clear sticker on top of the bronze coloured packaging. i’ve since put the whole thing in a snaplock plastic bag to hopefully prevent the masks from drying out! :-0

Price & where can I get it?: approx $16 AUD on eBay, with free shipping from some sellers

I was very excitied to try these. I enjoy using face mask sheets as a bit of a pick me up, usually once a week. Seeing that I could get some for <$1 AUD each looked pretty awesome to me! (I realise that these are meant to be designed for “daily” use but doubted they’d be moisturising enough to warrant that.)

The packaging is nice and makes it easy to bring with you when travelling (if you leave the clear sticker on unlike me – see last pic caption!), and the sturdy box allows you to stack other things on top if need be.

When opening the box and getting to the mask sheets, I was hit with a strong plant like fragrance. It’s hard for me to explain, maybe smelling like a lawn after rain, or fresh soil? It wasn’t unpleasant but surprised me… Maybe it’s what Red Ginseng (one of the main botanical ingredients) is meant to smell like?! (LOL :))This fragrance dissipated when I took a mask out of the box. You need to be very careful when taking masks out as they can tear easily with this particular product!

I left it on my face for the full recommended time of 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it had mostly dried out by that time! This was very weird as I’ve never had that issue with any face mask sheet I’ve previously used. This makes me wonder how effective distribution of the serum is within the bulk pack of masks.

Make sure you are careful when closing the box to make sure it is properly closed. It took me 4 attempts to get it right! So it is more cumbersome than it looks, unfortunately.

I suppose if you are happy to just leave the mask on for a much shorter time (e.g. 10 mins) and don’t mind the possibility that the serum is not evenly distributed (which means that you may not get maximum benefit from the product), you may want to buy this. I won’t be repurchasing!

Beautiful Rating: quality 2/5, value 2/5 – doesn’t perform as it should!


Fresh Cherry Tint – Pink

Price: approx. $8 AUD at present (going on the US –> AU exchange rate here! :))

Where can I get it? via various eBay sellers.

I’ll state my bias straight up – I am typically not a fan of lip tints. Without a gloss component, I find that they tend to leave my lips feeling dry and strange. I then have to apply a gloss on top, and I can be lazy at times, so then think well hey why not just get a tinted lipgloss?

Unfortunately this was the experience I had with the Fresh Cherry Tint. I only tried the Pink one out as I found that was enough for me to form an opinion on the product!

This appears super bright when out of the pack, as per below:

Strangely enough it did not make any noticeable impact on my lip colour, despite applying generously. However, it was very difficult to get it off of the back of my hand used in the photo!

This product is best suited to those who have very pale lips and who don’t mind the dry and tight feeling one can get with lip tints… or who can be bothered to do tint + gloss! 😉

Beautiful Rating: quality 1/5, value 1/5 – despite not liking the feeling of tints I could not see any colour on my lips, which is of course the whole point of the product!


Ok, so with the above being said, I won’t be buying more Etude House products.Such a shame as I find their advertising so cute!!!

Are there any Etude House fans out there? Which products do you recommend in their range?! Alternatively, does anyone agree with my views on Etude House products so far?

Have a lovely weekend ahead everybody. It’s Saturday night here and I’m having a quiet one, to recover from my birthday celebrations! 🙂 For those of you in Adelaide, who are also enjoying a long weekend, be safe! Drive carefully and do not drink and drive. It’s just not worth it.


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