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Ooh la la! Bourjois Paris Smoky Eyes Eyeshadow Trio – 05 rose vintage

Happy Sunday! 🙂

Phew! The past week was exhausting… I was glad to start the weekend but now it’s almost over! Oh well I guess I’ve just got to make the most of . How has everyone else’s week been?

On a positive note I have recently been lucky to receive a few new eyeshadows to play with!!! I won two L’Oreal Infallible shadows in a giveaway from the lovely Tina (check out her blog, My Highest Self, here :)) and for my birthday a friend gave me a cute Bourjois Paris trio palette. As you can guess from the title, today’s post is about the palette. 😉

Price: RRP AUD $25 (felt uncomfortable looking up the price as it was a gift, but this is a necessary evil!)

Where can I get it? Selected discount department stores (e.g. Kmart) and pharmacies.

I received the 05 – rose vintage palette. The first thing that struck me with this product was how cute and compact it was! It is approximately 5cm (a bit under 2 inches) in diameter and can easily fit into your handbag or travel makeup bag. I also thought “these colours look really nice”… and they were! The colour applied smoothly and easily, and blended well. However I thought that the brush included with the palette was a bit too small and finicky to hold and use (approx. 3cm or 1 inch from tip to tip!). In the future I’ll use my own, larger shadow brushes.

included this one so you can see what i mean about the brush!

The manufacturers claim the shadow is long-lasting and has “8 hour wear”. I wore this on an evening out… It seemed to stay put for the evening (say 5 hours or so) but when I got home I noticed slight creasing. This is to be expected in my opinion as the two lighter colours are frosty with a metallic tinge, and historically for me such colours are most likely to crease. A dab of eye primer prior to application should prevent that problem in the future. The shadow comes off easily with eye makeup remover.

The medium and dark shadows are quite pigmented, but I found the lightest shade to be much less so. However I forgave this as the three colours worked so well together. Here are the three shades swatched, with top to bottom = lightest to darkest. For each shade you can also see that I have done two swatches – one where I have simply just applied it, and then one where I’ve blended it. (You will also see what I mean about the lack of pigmentation with the highlight shade!)

I would consider repurchasing this palette for the colours, their general blendability and reasonable wear. If buying this yourself, however, keep in mind that you will need your own shadow brushes as you can’t rely on the included brush! There are also several colour trios in the range including blacks/greys, blues, greens, and golds which may suit those of you with different eye colouring to me. My eyes are green – you can see them here in this (dodgy – sorry!) pic of me with this shadow trio on! I would’ve applied the shadow much more heavily but I wanted a softer look.

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5 (deducting 1 point for the brush + ?pigmentation of the highlight colour), value 4/5 (also deducted 1 point for the same reason)


I must admit I haven’t tried much of the Bourjois Paris range, despite them having been available in Australia for some years now! If you are familiar with the range, which of their products would you recommend?


March 2012




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