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What I’ve been reading lately…

Good evening everybody! 🙂

Man, I’ve been having another “one of those” weeks. However, things have been starting to look up! 🙂 I am making progress on the new (privately hosted) version of this site and on Twitter I was contacted by Australis (great Aussie cosmetics brand – you can check them out HERE) to be told I was one of their latest giveaway winners! 🙂 Woohoo!!!! (I have won a finishing powder which I will be sure to review for the blog! :))


Tonight I would like to tell you all about two excellent books I’ve been reading lately – one beauty related and one wellbeing related. Let’s start with the beauty! 🙂

Recently I picked up Rae Morris’ Express Makeup from my local library:


Rae is an Aussie makeup artist who has won the Australian Makeup Artist of the Year award, not once but four times! So when I noticed that was authored by her I was keen to check it out.

The book focuses on both technical and fun parts of makeup, including advice on looking after your skin and prepping it for makeup application properly. I found such information very useful, but my favourite sections focused upon how to create different makeup looks step by step.

Below are some shots from the book to show off the good quality of the photography that is included:




I haven’t yet attempted any of the looks but things are broken down clearly, and most of the looks genuinely appear to be quick to recreate (hence the “express”!). What I also like is that she has created looks for the book with a variety of women – different ages, races, and eye/hair/etc colouring. This means that there truly is something for everyone here!

I don’t have anything negative to say about it. However, I think this book would be even better if it was spiral bound as it would be more compact when resting it on your dressing table, bathroom sink, or wherever you do your makeup!

Express Makeup retails for $21.65 AUD on


The other book I’ve been reading – and haven’t got far into yet – is from Dr Russ Harris. I don’t know if many or any of you would have heard of him, but he is one of the most well known Australian practitioners of a type of psychotherapy and arguably, approach to life, known as “ACT” (say “act” like you would in “acting”) – Acceptance and Committment Therapy. He’s written a number of self help as well as professional books and often tours around Australia delivering workshops. I have had the pleasure of attending one of his presentations in the past and found it excellent!

The Reality Slap (RRP $29.99 AUD) is his newest book. It’s a self help book designed to give some guidance and practical tools to people who have experienced a significant loss. For example, this may be a death of someone close to them, a loss of a job, end of a relationship, etc etc.


I’m only a few chapters in but am really appreciating this book. For those of you who have read some of his stuff before there is overlap, as he explains the key principles and techniques of ACT in all of them.

If any of you have not read his stuff but would like to learn more, I’d recommend you start with what I think is his first book – The Happiness Trap. He also has a website which you can visit HERE.


Which books are you reading at the moment?

That’s all for tonight folks! I hope to post again on the weekend. Have a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend! x

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