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Reviewing with the help of my Mum – Nutrimetics’ Restore Anti-Ageing range

Woohoo it’s Thursday! 🙂 What do people have planned for the weekend? Tomorrow night I am lucky to be attending a performance of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and they will be conducted by Ennio Morricone. Who is Ennio??? He composed the music for a number of famous movies, mainly Westerns, and so that is the type of music they will be performing (You can read more about the event and him here.) I haven’t seen a live orchestra performance before so I’m looking forward to it!

The only downside is that there is a chance of rain – and it will be outdoors! Fingers crossed it stays dry…


I was fortunate to receive two full sized products from Nutrimetics’ Restore Anti-Ageing range for review. This range is designed for mature skin and features antioxidant ingredients derived from sauvingon blanc grapes. (Hmmm does this mean if I drink a glass of wine I will get the same benefits?! 🙂 ) I notice that the eye cream also contains black tea…

Nutrimetics describe the Restore range on their Aussie website as follows:

“Restore is formulated with Sauvignon Blanc Concentrate, to rewind the visible signs of skin ageing; diminishing the visibility of pigmentation, smoothing the apperance of wrinkles and enhancing skin radiance for a more beautiful, youthful looking complexion.”

As it is designed for older skin, I enlisted the help of my trusty Mum (thanks Mum!) in reviewing the products I received. She tried the Intense Anti-Ageing Night Cream for a month, whilst I tried the Anti-Ageing Eye Cream for a month (as I love eye creams!). These products RRP for $60 AUD and $46 AUD, respectively.


Nutrimetics’ Restore Intense Anti-Ageing Night Cream*


Mum’s thoughts (as gathered via interview between her – M – and me, S):

S: What did you like about this product?
M: It absorbed quickly into my skin, my skin did feel noticeably softer, and I noticed that lines softened slightly.

S: Was there anything that you didn’t like about it?
M: I did not like the fragrance. To me it was too intense, floral, and almost chemical like… I would buy this if it wasn’t fragranced.
[Mum is big on unscented products. I went ahead and sniffed this one, after hearing her comments, and noted only a slight fragrance. I pointed this out to Mum and she stated that it seems much more potent when actually on the skin.]

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5 (1 point off for the fragrance), value 4/5.


Nutrimetics’ Restore Anti-Ageing Firming Eye Cream*

image: (what's with the "long" pics?! sorry should've cropped!)

My thoughts:

This eye cream, upon first glance, seemed like most I’ve tried. Fragrance free (yay!), opaque white lotion, small tube will last you a long time (in a month I only used approximately a third of the tube). However, about a week in I noticed that the few fine lines I have under my eyes were fading! *YEAH!* Not gone completely, but much less noticeable.

Whilst I was happy with its effect on fine lines I find it hard to comment about the firming aspect. I don’t always get a lot of sleep (due to liking to stay up late and watch favourite TV shows or surf the net! Anyone else similar? 🙂 ) which can make my eyes a little puffy, and it didn’t make much difference with this. However I guess the product is targeted more at age related changes rather than those caused by lack of sleep!

Overall, I liked this product, but it isn’t cheap. I would also like to see it come in an SPF version!

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5 – if I could verify the firming claims, and it had SPF, I’d give it a 5! value 3/5.


Well, I never thought I’d be doing a review with my Mum, but there you go! I’ve just realised that I should’ve provided some context regarding her skin type: combination to dry, mature (shh don’t tell her I told you but she is approaching 60!), can be sensitive.

The Nutrimetics Restore range also includes a cleansing cream, cleansing lotion, toning lotion and day cream with SPF.

If you are based in Adelaide and want to purchase products from this range, but don’t know any Nutrimetics consultants, my friend Kaye has recently started consulting. You can contact her and find out about the latest specials via her Facebook page here: Nutrimetics by Kaye.

*Products were provided to me for consideration and review. (They were not provided by my friend Kaye; I’m just telling you about her business because I would like to! :P)

Get it while it’s hot – free The Body Shop samples! :)

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post tonight before I head to bed… heading to bed early tonight as gotta get up early tomorrow!

Wanted to let you know that The Body Shop‘s Aussie stores are giving away free samples of the serum from their new Nutriganics range. This range is paraben free and over 90% of the ingredients included in products in this range are “natural in origin” (not quite sure what they mean by that, as petroleum based ingredients could arguably meet that criteria, but paraben free is good!).

I picked up a sample last week, after buying the perfume. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet; the sales assistant advised me that the sample package should last for at least 2 applications. Grab one while you can! 🙂

This is the full size version of the serum (image:

Thalgo Haul!!!!

Well, as many of you may know, I really love Thalgo skin care products! (Click here to read my past reviews and posts on this topic :)) As such I have decided to gradually convert most of my skin care products to Thalgo. I generally find that their products help my skin maintain a healthy equilibrium rather than get too dry or become too oily. Also, their products last a long time as a little goes a long way!

Yes, Thalgo can be considered an expensive brand – if you buy it direct from your beauty salon. Thank goodness for eBay! I have found a reputable seller of Thalgo (and other brands) there, who sells most things for 1/2 of their AUD RRP, and received my second order from them yesterday. I was so excited! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (Yep you can pretty much say I’m addicted to Thalgo!)

🙂 🙂 😀 😀 + + + !

I ordered a Cocooning Cleansing Milk (cleansing cream – it is for sensitive skin but I chose this over the one for combo-oily because the latter contains vitamin C extract which irritates my skin) and a Moisturising Eye Care cream. I was lucky to also receive several bonus goodies and samples, including:

  • a Decleor Aroma Confort body lotion (I plan to keep this for a future giveaway on the blog!);
  • Thalgo terre & mer organic Vital Fluid (sample size; I think it’s a moisturiser);
  • Thalgo terre & mer organic Anti-ageing Concentrate (sample size; I think it’s a serum);
  • Thalgo Serum d’Exception (sample size);
  • Thalgo Wrinkle Control Smoothing Concentrate (sample size; I think it’s a serum);
  • Thalgo Oxygen SOS Serum (sample size);
  • Thalgo Revitalising Eye Contour Cream (sample size); and…
  • Thalgo Moisture Quenching Mask (sample size – I’ve only tried their masks when at the salon so look forward to using this at home!).
    (Gee this eBay seller knows how to get me to keep shopping at their store, right?! ;))

I can’t wait to try all of the Thalgo stuff out; I will post up reviews of each of the products as I go, to help convert (;) !) guide others who might be interested in this brand. 🙂

Has anyone else tried Thalgo products? What do you think of them?

Men Wearing Makeup

Wow it’s Sunday already! Almost the end of my holidays… 😦 The good news: it’s time to share a beautiful story‘s first guest post!

What follows is from Canadian blogger Jake Sauvage. If you would like to read more from Jake check out his blog at, which features both text and video posts, and includes DIY health and beauty tips! He knows his stuff; he’s a qualified makeup artist and is expanding his skills further into hairdressing, having just started professional studies in this field.

Jake and I hope that you enjoy this post. We welcome your thoughts via Comments and/or a rating (the latter if you have a WordPress profile!)! 🙂


The men’s grooming market is growing exponentially with each passing year, but it’s not only skin care guys are starting to worry about…but makeup too! Well…a little bit. Right now it’s just bronzers, tinted moisturizers and lip balms (anymore and they’ll be fighting with their girlfriends over products in the bathroom every morning, right?)…but I’m so glad men are starting to transition into the idea that healthy, radiant looking skin also equals a good looking man (and more girl action). Today we’re going to get into a few of the products I recommend if you’re just starting to get familiar with the idea of men’s makeup…but don’t worry, I’ll take it slow.

Smashbox  Sheer  Focus Tinted Moisturizer


An oil, paraben  and fragrance-free moisturizer, this is one of the very first things you’ll want to invest in. This lightweight, sheer color moisturizer provides superior hydration and antiaging benefits (from vitamins C, E and peptides), as well as a UVA/UVB SPF of 15. The color is sheer, meaning it’ll be practically see-through and help to mask any redness or imperfections you may have…while only looking like a second skin. You won’t look like you’re wearing makeup at all, in fact you’ll just look like a better-skinned version of yourself! At $30 this is a great investment because it covers quite a few bases (moisturizer, antiaging and complexion enhancing) and with only a handful of global shades, you won’t need to be a master of makeup to find the shade that suits you!

Clinique Non-Streak Gel Bronzer


In my experience, I find that a lot of guys seeking to enhance their complexions are looking to get the look of beautifully tanned skin…but aren’t comfortable with the idea of wearing a powder and using a big fluffy brush. This works well because it creates a believable tan and comes in a gel formula, making it easier to apply. It’s also not a self-tanner either, so it easily washes off with soap in water (just in case you make a mistake). Now, two things you’ll want to keep in mind when trying to create a natural bronzed look is that you’ll want to massage the product up into the hairline and down into the neckline…this creates an optical illusion that you’re evenly tanned, rather than having a fake concentration of color.

RoC Enydrial Lip Balm


I find that nothing turns a girl off more than having chapped, coarse lips…I mean, and that would turn you off too, right? This lip balm solves a big issue for men…the consistency of it means you won’t have to apply it often (really, twice a day will have you covered) but even with the rich consistency of it there’s next to no shine to it…so you won’t have to worry about looking like you have an effeminate pucker either! This is so important if you’re ever looking to come off as a well-polished guy because the state of your lips can really tell somebody how well you take care of yourself…so don’t get lazy, now!

Special Delivery… Thalgo + ! ^__^

How is everyone’s week so far? I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday, time seems to be going very slowly!

I had ordered more of my favourite facial moisturiser – my most favourite moisturiser of all time – Thalgo’s Collagen Cream (I’ve previously reviewed this product here). However, due to difficulties on the seller’s end (eBay – reportedly they were waiting on a new shipment of stock), there was a long delay (several weeks) in getting the product.

At long last, yesterday there was a package for me! 🙂

This is what was inside….

They included a Decleor body lotion as an apology for the delays! 🙂

I guess it was worth the wait – it was 66% cheaper for me to buy the Thalgo online compared to what I would have to pay at my local salon! I had kept a tiny bit of my old jar too so that I could compare that product with the new one (in case I got sold a fake) – luckily it seems genuine. 🙂

Have you ever had any difficulties with eBay sellers? Luckily, aside from delivery delays, I’ve had no problems so far…

Enjoy the rest of your week guys – I plan to upload another post this week on sleep (getting a good sleep… zzzzz!) 🙂

Empties! (November)

Evening all! 🙂

Wow I can’t believe how close Christmas is… I’m hoping to write my Christmas cards for work colleagues and family tonight but I’m not sure if I will get through them all in one go! :-0

If you haven’t yet, do enter my CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY COMPETITION!!!! It is easy to enter, just click here! 🙂 It is open to Australian and international readers and visitors!
(Entries close midnight 4th January 2012 Adelaide time – GMT +09:30.)


An interesting way of reviewing products which I have noticed is to focus on “empties”, that is, to review products that you have used up recently. I thought it was quite clever so I am going to do it too! 🙂 So here are my empties for last month:

My thoughts on these products, from L –> R:

Bathox Dry Skin Shower Gel & Bath Foam

Price range: <$10 AUD

Where can I get it? Most supermarkets!

I use this when having baths, rather than as a shower gel, but it is certainly suited to both. It smells lovely and is a gentle formula, which doesn’t irritate my skin! It also creates a nice foam/lots of bubbles in the bath.

*They also do a cherry blossom scented one which is also lovely!

Beautiful rating: quality 5/5, value 5/5


Garnier Fructis Style Elastic Power Fix Hairspray

Price range: <$10 AUD

Where can I get it? Most supermarkets, as well as chemists.

I have been using this product since the start of this year and am now on my 3rd (or so!) can. It smells nice and does its job, holding my hair in place well. It is also easy to brush out and your hair still retains natural movement (so is not like wearing a helmet LOL!).

However, if you want to keep a punk, emo, or similar hairstyle in place which defies gravity, this will not give you enough hold (despite its claims of being “mega strong”).

It contains bamboo extract but the packaging does not clearly explain what is so special about that!

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5, value 5/5


NIVEA Invisible for Black & White Deoderant

Price range: <$10 AUD (haha everything so far in this review has a similar cost! ;))

Where can I get it? Most supermarkets, as well as chemists.

Nice scent, does what it is supposed to do (though there is no way it would really last “48 hours” as it claims; when I get home from work and get changed to exercise or attend Zumba I need to reapply!), and lasts a reasonable time. Most importantly, to date (I have been buying this one for approx. 6 months, prior to that I was using Rexona’s version of the same product which I found had changed formula and was not as effective for me :(), I have not had any white marks on black or darker coloured clothing nor yellow marks on white and/or light coloured clothing.

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5, value 4/5


Nutrogena Oil Free Moisture: Sensitive Skin

Price range: approx. $15 AUD

Where can I get it? Most supermarkets, as well as chemists.

I bought this when looking for a light night cream. Unfortunately, despite me having combination skin, it did not provide quite enough hydration for me and I had to apply a lot for my skin to feel moisturised. (The back of the bottle indicates only “1 pump” is needed for your entire face and neck; for me it was approximately 3!!!!)

I think this would be best for those with oily skin.

Beautiful rating: quality 3/5, value 3/5 (based on my skin type)


Hope that you all have a great week ahead; don’t forget to enter my giveaway competition!!! 😉

Reader Request: Hand Lotions/Creams

Happy Saturday everyone! 🙂 Here the weather is just beautiful and fitting for the new (summer) season. I have been putting a giveaway pack together so that I can run a competition to thank my readers, visitors, and supporters… but I think I will wait to actually hold the comp in the new year! (Because December is such a busy month for everyone but also Australia Post – I don’t want the giveaway parcel to go missing!!)

How are people finding my use of CAPS for blog entry headers? I’ve started doing it as I think it fits better with the overall theme/design of the blog, but let me know what you think. With the use of CAPS, I’m not intending to shout!!!! 😛


So, onto topic… 😉 I have received a request to review more hand lotions/creams, and here are my thoughts on three that I have recently tried. One of my first blog posts was actually about a hand cream, Hand Food from Soap & Glory (you can read about that here)! I will also mention another cream which I don’t currently own but find to be quite good and reliable when I do use it.

#1 : Dove Visible Beauty Hand Cream

Price range: approximately $6 AUD for 75mL

Where can I get it? most supermarkets and chemists.

This cream is in a handy handbag sized tube. It smells lovely, a bit like a mix of cucumber and honey, and is easily absorbed. However, the scent is relatively strong (not as strong as Hand Food! ;)) and the product seems to contain a lot of chemical/artificial products. When reading the back of the tube I did not understand what most of the ingredients were! (a lot of “stearate”s, “edta”s and other things)

Beautiful rating: quality 3/5, value 3/5 (I would not buy this one again, I’m not a huge fan of lotions/creams that have a high chemical content – unfortunately I did not take a look at the ingredient list before I bought it haha! ;))

#2: Burt’s Bees Burt’s Shea Butter Hand Repair Creme

Price range: I’m not sure, this was a gift. However most Burt’s Bees products are not for those on a tight budget!

Where can I get it? Chemists, particularly chemists with a good range of beauty products such as Priceline.

What I like about Burt’s Bees is that they are committed to using as many natural ingredients as possible in their products. In this one they stated that it is “98.00% natural”. Unfortunately, this was my least favourite of the creams! 😦 I feel that there are too many essential oils packed into this lotion and it leads it to have an overpowering and almost medicinal smell, which put me off. I then washed my hands to try to get rid of the smell but it only dissipated when I then used antibacterial alcohol based hand gel! 😮

Beautiful Rating: quality 3/5 (they did deliver on what they promised – a natural hand product – the smell is what lets it down), value 1/5

#3: DermaVeen Moisturising Cream

Price range: approx. $8 for 100mL

Where can I get it? Most chemists, some bigger supermarkets

Now I realise this isn’t marketed as a hand cream as such, but I’ve included it here as I love using it on my hands! It was originally recommended to me by my GP (general practitioner – Doctor) for some psoriasis that I had (:( )due to the colloidal oatmeal content. Oatmeal is in a lot of Aveeno’s products (who also have a hand cream on the market) as it is thought to have special soothing properties.

This lotion easily fits in your handbag and has a mild, slightly nutty scent (it’s probably the oatmeal). It is ideal for those with sensitive skin, as that is who it was originally designed for!

Beautiful rating: quality 5/5, value 5/5 (my *fave* of the three! :))

One that I haven’t recently used but recommend (haven’t used recently simply as I have so many others @ home right now ;)):

Vaseline’s Healthy Hand and Nail Conditioning Hand Lotion

Price range: approx. $5 for 75mL

Where can I get it? Most supermarkets and chemists.

This one is a little beauty! Subtle fragrance, tube lasts a long time (a little bit of it goes a long way), hands feel moisturised instantly.

Beautiful rating: quality 5/5, value 5/5


So this wraps up my first Reader Request post! 🙂 I hope you have found it helpful and encourage people to contact me if there are things you’d like me to review. 🙂


Evening all! 🙂 Having a quiet night tonight as I’ve gotta get up early tomorrow for a make up course I’m attending. (I’m looking forward to it as I’ve never gone to this type of course before; when it comes to makeup application everything I’ve learnt is from experience, youtube, magazines and blogs! ;))

Sometimes I’ll try out a couple of products that have the same intended function. As such I thought it might be more useful to readers if I review both of the products in the same post, which would make it easier for people to decide, which if any of the products would suit them best! Hence “compare the pair”! In these reviews I will not give a “beautiful rating”, but will tally the points that I assign to each product. 🙂 (Hope this makes sense!)


I like to use a day cream with SPF every morning, no matter if it is sunny or raining outside, due to the strong Aussie sun. I’d been using Nivea Visage’s Q10 Anti Wrinkle Day Cream (Light) for a while but by chance, tried Olay’s Complete Defence: Daily UV Moisturising Lotion (Sensitive) when it was on sale, and continue to use the Olay product now. Here are my thoughts….

Price range: the Nivea product usually retails between $16 and close to $20 AUD, depending on where you buy it, whilst the Olay is around $15 (but was even cheaper when I bought it! +1 to Olay

Where can I get it? both products are available at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, and similar, but you cannot get the “light” version of the Nivea product at supermarkets. +1 to Olay

The “light” version of the Nivea cream is designed for those with combination to oily skin, as the standard formulation is quite a heavy cream probably best for dry and/or mature skin. It has a nice consistency and is easily absorbed, but tends to leave my skin a bit shiny. It has a fairly neutral smell and has an SPF of 15. I would tend to recommend this one, despite the “light” category, to young women with dry skin rather than to women with oily skin.

The Olay product is SPF 30, also has a nice consistency and absorbs quickly, and was nowhere near as shiny as the Nivea. It does not have any particular fragrance, as I picked up the one for sensitive skin (which my skin can be at times!)

+1 to Olay for those with combination to oily skin; + 1 to Nivea if you have dry skin… and a bonus +1 to Olay for having a better SPF rating.

In terms of packaging the Nivea product is a jar which means you can get every last bit of the product out to use. The Olay is in a fancy pump pack (which even has a twist lock so you can take it travelling without any problems :)) which is nice but would make it harder to get the last few drops out. +1 to Nivea

If we look at how much product you get for your money, however, there’s 75mL in the Olay product whilst there is only 50mL in the Nivea equivalent. +1 to Olay

Total scores – 5 for Olay and 2 to Nivea

~*~ The winner is Olay Complete Defence! 🙂 ~*~

Unsurprisingly. after having tried the Olay product I plan to keep buying it rather than the Nivea one in the future!


PS. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! to those in North America. It is not celebrated in Australia so I don’t quite understand the “black Friday” stuff that’s being mentioned at the moment?!

PPS. Sorry to those on my email subscription list who received a draft version of my Nutrimetics post in their inbox earlier this week, rather than the final version. (I’d accidentally hit “publish” rather than “save draft” – embarrassing! *blush*)

PPPS. If you’re enjoying the blog be sure to like my facebook page or follow me on twitter for updates! 🙂

off the shelf – neutrogena, l’oreal men expert & palmolive for men

Hey! 🙂 How has everyone’s weekend been? I attended a Nutrimetics party on Saturday (more on that in an upcoming post :)) and today I have been working on some home renovations (I am in the process of giving my kitchen a makeover and am busily gathering materials together for that – it’s fun but also = $$$ :(), amongst other random stuff!

As part of all this I spent a bit of time with D at his place this afternoon. We were chatting away and I asked him about the products he currently has on his shelf in his bathroom. He kindly agreed to have his views put up on the blog. (Thanks dude! :)) Here is an abridged version of what happened… (WARNING this is a long post! :P)


Neutrogena: Oil-Free Moisture – Combination Skin

D: This is my favourite moisturiser at the moment  –this should be reviewed!

S: Ok so tell me about it. How much did it cost you?
D: Uh somewhere between $10-$15 [AUD].

S: What do you like the most about it?
D: It moisturises my skin but it also absorbs [excess] oil at the same time, it reduces shine [visible shine on the skin – when talking with D it became clear that the latter was, to him, a key feature of the product].

S: Is there anything you don’t like about it?
D: Well the cost is higher [considering] the size, compared to other products at the supermarket [D is a bloke always looking for a bargain! ;)].

S: Would you buy this again?
D: Yes I will keep buying it as it’s the only one [moisturiser] out [at the supermarket] that’s good for anti-shine.

S: What would you rate it out of 5 in terms of a) quality and b) value?
D: 4/5 for both.

***L’Oreal Men Expert Skin Caring Shave Gel Anti Irritation Sensitive Skin
(what a mouthful!)

L’Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift Foaming Cleansing Cream: Glycerin

D: I got these L’Oreal products in a pack – when I bought it you got these plus a gym towel for between $20-$30.
S: That’s pretty good value.
D: Yeah I thought getting the gym towel was good too! [My impression when talking with D about these products was that the free towel triggered him to buy the products! I know that I have sometimes been tempted to try a new product/s based on particular promotions/giveaways at the time too. Is anyone else like this???]

S: Tell me about the shaving cream first.  What do you like about it the most?
D: It is good for sensitive skin; it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. It also has a nice gel texture.

S: Would you buy it again?
D: I’m not sure; if it was on sale, yes.

S: So what do you think about the cleanser?
D: Well it leaves your face feeling clean but also it moisturises at the same time, so your skin doesn’t feel dry. I would buy it again if it was on sale.

S: What would you rate each product out of 5 in terms of a) quality and b) value?
D: 4/5 for both across the board.


Neutrogena: Deep Clean Facial Cleanser – Normal to Oily Skin

[This product, D estimates, retails for $10-15.]

D: I use this one only about 1x/month – otherwise it dries my skin out too much [I noted that on the packaging that it is designed for daily use but the manufacturers advise to use it less often if it is too drying].

S: It almost sounds like you’d consider this a “treatment”  – something to only use now and again?
D: Yeah that’s right.

S: So, given all of that, do you like this product?
D: Yeah as it does deeply clean my face and get rid of the excess oil. I would give it 4/5 overall as it does what it is meant to do!


Palmolive For Men Rapid Shave Foam Sensitive
(sorry for the black frame guys – the image wouldn’t let me crop & re-save :()

D: This should be reviewed too!
S: Ok tell me about this one.

D: It costs less than $10. It’s an inexpensive shaving foam, but despite being “sensitive” it does irritate my skin sometimes.

S: Would you buy it again?
D: Yes if/when I can only afford a cheap shaving cream.


Phew that’s a lot of products in one post! D was a very keen reviewer! 🙂

What do people think about the length of blog posts on this site? OK, too long, too short, or???  I try to vary it to keep things interesting, but all constructive feedback is welcome!

Well that’s all folks for this evening. Thanks for visiting; have a great week ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

palmer’s face products: gentle daily cleanser, daily facial lotion & night renewal cream

Good evening readers!

The rain is bucketing down but it’s still quite warm outside = humid weather! :-/ It does, however make good weather for me to sit on the computer for a lil while! 😉

I was fortunate to pick up a free sample of Palmer’s Gentle Daily Cleanser, Daily Facial Lotion, and Night Renewal Cream recently. I’m a fan of Palmer’s olive oil based body lotion (you can click over to my review of that here) so have been keen to try their new face range. There’s also a clay based mask that they do which I haven’t yet tried and isn’t included in this review.

palmer's face products sample

Price range: you can pick up these products for <$15 AUD each, depending upon where you shop!

Where can I buy it? Most chemists and supermarkets, with supermarkets typically being the more expensive place to find it.

I tried the three products across a single day – the cleanser and facial lotion in the morning and the night cream, well, at night!

The Gentle Daily Cleanser contains interesting ingredients in addition to the cocoa butter Palmer’s is famous for, such as milk proteins and antioxidants. It has a pleasant and noticeable floral scent which was not overdone. The cleanser is meant to be a “light foaming formula”, so I was disappointed when I had difficulties getting it to lather properly and it took a lot of work to wash off! (Perhaps I used too much?) My skin felt quite dry afterwards.

The Daily Facial Lotion contains SPF 15+ and seeing SPF in a skin product for daytime use always makes me happy! 🙂 It is marketed as a “lightweight moisturiser”. The scent was milder than that of the cleanser and the texture was indeed light weight. It left parts of my skin feeling dry; I’m not sure if this was due to my experience with the cleanser before hand or just my skin type (which is combination but getting older so needing extra moisture in the non t-zone areas!).

My experience with the Night Renewal Cream was the best of all 3 products. 🙂 Again the scent was lighter than that of the facial cleanser, and it had a nice consistency, not being too thick and heavy or thin. The hydration was good – my skin didn’t feel dry nor oily. A good budget night cream buy!

Of all 3 products I would buy the night cream, definitely skip the cleanser and probably not pick up the day lotion.

Beautiful rating – Gentle Daily Cleanser: quality 2/5, value 2/5

Beautiful rating – Daily Facial Lotion: quality 4/5, value 4/5 (for the right skin type – <25 year olds or for older skin if your skin is oily)

Beautiful rating – Night Renewal Cream: quality 4/5, value 4/5 (was fine on my >25-year-old combination skin! :))

PS. Priceline have 20% off all hair care products the next 2 days, and are selling Palmer’s Olive Oil body lotion with SPF 15+ for approx. $3 AUD (BARGAIN!!! XD) in their new catalogue which starts tomorrow! (Please note I have no professional affiliation with Priceline – I just shop there a lot so am on their email list :P)


June 2023




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