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The Eyes Have It! Thalgo Voile Hydratant Moisturising Eye Care

As promised, here are my thoughts on a real beauty of an eye cream! I picked up Voile Hydratant as part of my recent-ish Thalgo haul (click here if you missed that post).

Hmm "sea salt"?!

Price: approx. $28.00 AUD online; RRP in Australia is $43.00 (ouch!)

Where can I get it? Your local Thalgo certified beauty salon or good ol’ eBay.

I was keen to use a Thalgo eye cream on a regular basis after being very happy with their Collagen Cream facial moisturiser. As Thalgo describes Voile Hydratant as offering “prevention against first wrinkles”, this particular product is designed for “young” skin (<30 years of age). (For those with more mature skin, don’t fret as Thalgo has a variety of eye products suited to different age groups.)

I’ve been using the product since I received it in early February. In a word, it’s AWESOME!:)

The cream is actually a gel, which is very refreshing under and around the eyes. As it is a gel, you do not have to worry about possibly dragging your finger across the skin when applying it, because it just glides. It is also fragrance free, which I prefer in products used on my face.

OK. So how does it go in terms of actual performance? I have a few fine (smile) lines around my eyes, and these have visibly reduced. Woot! 🙂 It doesn’t, however, reduce puffiness which I can experience at times if I have had a late night.

Like most eye creams, a little goes a long way. I have plenty left, even after a month of use.

I strongly recommend this cream to the <30s.

Beautiful Rating: quality 5/5 (5 as whilst it doesn’t act on puffiness, it is not designed to nor advertised to target that), value 5/5 (on eBay).

Cocoa Butter Delight: Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion

Yeehah! It’s Friday! 🙂 How has everyone’s week been? Ready for the weekend? (I’m sure you are! I am!)

As regular blog readers/visitors will know, I usually post at least twice a week and usually on a Sunday and/or Tuesday and Thursday. Things were crazily busy this week and so there’s been a delay. Sorry about that. However I am pleased to report that despite the busyness of the week I had a much better week than last week! 🙂


The Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion is my current #1 body lotion. I’m fussy when it comes to body lotions. I like them to absorb quickly, have a nice but not overpowering scent, and for the bottle/tub/container to last for a reasonable time so that I am getting value for money. This one certainly ticks all these boxes.

The range comes in pump packs as well as the different sizes and product types as you can see here:



Price: approx $8 AUD for 375mL pump pack; if you get the massive 750mL “value pack” pump pack that’s only approx $11 AUD depending on where you shop. I’ve noticed that currently Chemist Warehouse have a sale on this product – $7.99 for the “value pack”!!!!

Where can I get it? Most supermarkets, chemists, and discount department stores.

I absolutely LOVE the scent of the lotion. Chocolate, caramel and vanilla all rolled in to one. It smells so nice that you could eat it (though don’t try that at home haha!). The scent is light once applied to your skin and appears to dissipate within an hour or so post application.

I’ve been using this almost every day and have found it isn’t too heavy on my skin. The skin on my body is drier than on my (combination) face, but if I use body lotions that are too heavy I am prone to break out. No break outs with this product – wahoo! 🙂

The 375mL bottle, a month post purchase, has approximately 1/4 left. Not bad…

My only gripe with the pump packs is that you cannot close the pump once you open it post purchase. As such you’d need to transfer some into a sealable container for travel OR purchase one of the much smaller flip top bottles.

If cocoa butter is not your thing, you can also get this range in different scents including Cucumber and Aloe Vera.

Beautiful rating: quality 5/5, value 5/5 (no points deducted for the pump not closing as you can buy different types of containers in the range)


I will be posting again soon on an eye cream I’m loving! I will also be making a few more announcements (all good news!) about the blog this weekend.

On Sunday I’m due to catch up with some fellow Adelaide based beauty bloggers for High Tea… I can’t wait! I love High Tea – any other High Tea fans out there? 🙂 What is your favourite High Tea food or beverage?

What I’ve been reading lately…

Good evening everybody! 🙂

Man, I’ve been having another “one of those” weeks. However, things have been starting to look up! 🙂 I am making progress on the new (privately hosted) version of this site and on Twitter I was contacted by Australis (great Aussie cosmetics brand – you can check them out HERE) to be told I was one of their latest giveaway winners! 🙂 Woohoo!!!! (I have won a finishing powder which I will be sure to review for the blog! :))


Tonight I would like to tell you all about two excellent books I’ve been reading lately – one beauty related and one wellbeing related. Let’s start with the beauty! 🙂

Recently I picked up Rae Morris’ Express Makeup from my local library:


Rae is an Aussie makeup artist who has won the Australian Makeup Artist of the Year award, not once but four times! So when I noticed that was authored by her I was keen to check it out.

The book focuses on both technical and fun parts of makeup, including advice on looking after your skin and prepping it for makeup application properly. I found such information very useful, but my favourite sections focused upon how to create different makeup looks step by step.

Below are some shots from the book to show off the good quality of the photography that is included:




I haven’t yet attempted any of the looks but things are broken down clearly, and most of the looks genuinely appear to be quick to recreate (hence the “express”!). What I also like is that she has created looks for the book with a variety of women – different ages, races, and eye/hair/etc colouring. This means that there truly is something for everyone here!

I don’t have anything negative to say about it. However, I think this book would be even better if it was spiral bound as it would be more compact when resting it on your dressing table, bathroom sink, or wherever you do your makeup!

Express Makeup retails for $21.65 AUD on


The other book I’ve been reading – and haven’t got far into yet – is from Dr Russ Harris. I don’t know if many or any of you would have heard of him, but he is one of the most well known Australian practitioners of a type of psychotherapy and arguably, approach to life, known as “ACT” (say “act” like you would in “acting”) – Acceptance and Committment Therapy. He’s written a number of self help as well as professional books and often tours around Australia delivering workshops. I have had the pleasure of attending one of his presentations in the past and found it excellent!

The Reality Slap (RRP $29.99 AUD) is his newest book. It’s a self help book designed to give some guidance and practical tools to people who have experienced a significant loss. For example, this may be a death of someone close to them, a loss of a job, end of a relationship, etc etc.


I’m only a few chapters in but am really appreciating this book. For those of you who have read some of his stuff before there is overlap, as he explains the key principles and techniques of ACT in all of them.

If any of you have not read his stuff but would like to learn more, I’d recommend you start with what I think is his first book – The Happiness Trap. He also has a website which you can visit HERE.


Which books are you reading at the moment?

That’s all for tonight folks! I hope to post again on the weekend. Have a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend! x

PS. If you haven’t yet, why not follow me on Twitter or Facebook? 🙂 They are some of the easiest – and most fun – ways to keep up with the blog!

Ooh la la! Bourjois Paris Smoky Eyes Eyeshadow Trio – 05 rose vintage

Happy Sunday! 🙂

Phew! The past week was exhausting… I was glad to start the weekend but now it’s almost over! Oh well I guess I’ve just got to make the most of . How has everyone else’s week been?

On a positive note I have recently been lucky to receive a few new eyeshadows to play with!!! I won two L’Oreal Infallible shadows in a giveaway from the lovely Tina (check out her blog, My Highest Self, here :)) and for my birthday a friend gave me a cute Bourjois Paris trio palette. As you can guess from the title, today’s post is about the palette. 😉

Price: RRP AUD $25 (felt uncomfortable looking up the price as it was a gift, but this is a necessary evil!)

Where can I get it? Selected discount department stores (e.g. Kmart) and pharmacies.

I received the 05 – rose vintage palette. The first thing that struck me with this product was how cute and compact it was! It is approximately 5cm (a bit under 2 inches) in diameter and can easily fit into your handbag or travel makeup bag. I also thought “these colours look really nice”… and they were! The colour applied smoothly and easily, and blended well. However I thought that the brush included with the palette was a bit too small and finicky to hold and use (approx. 3cm or 1 inch from tip to tip!). In the future I’ll use my own, larger shadow brushes.

included this one so you can see what i mean about the brush!

The manufacturers claim the shadow is long-lasting and has “8 hour wear”. I wore this on an evening out… It seemed to stay put for the evening (say 5 hours or so) but when I got home I noticed slight creasing. This is to be expected in my opinion as the two lighter colours are frosty with a metallic tinge, and historically for me such colours are most likely to crease. A dab of eye primer prior to application should prevent that problem in the future. The shadow comes off easily with eye makeup remover.

The medium and dark shadows are quite pigmented, but I found the lightest shade to be much less so. However I forgave this as the three colours worked so well together. Here are the three shades swatched, with top to bottom = lightest to darkest. For each shade you can also see that I have done two swatches – one where I have simply just applied it, and then one where I’ve blended it. (You will also see what I mean about the lack of pigmentation with the highlight shade!)

I would consider repurchasing this palette for the colours, their general blendability and reasonable wear. If buying this yourself, however, keep in mind that you will need your own shadow brushes as you can’t rely on the included brush! There are also several colour trios in the range including blacks/greys, blues, greens, and golds which may suit those of you with different eye colouring to me. My eyes are green – you can see them here in this (dodgy – sorry!) pic of me with this shadow trio on! I would’ve applied the shadow much more heavily but I wanted a softer look.

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5 (deducting 1 point for the brush + ?pigmentation of the highlight colour), value 4/5 (also deducted 1 point for the same reason)


I must admit I haven’t tried much of the Bourjois Paris range, despite them having been available in Australia for some years now! If you are familiar with the range, which of their products would you recommend?

Etude is in da House! … or maybe not! Etude House Daily Mask + Fresh Cherry Tint

Hi again! For those of you who follow me on Twitter (you can find me at @beautstoryblog) you might have seen my promise yesterday to post not 1, but yep 2 posts that afternoon! As also seen on Twitter I had to go back on this promise! 😦 However, I had a good reason – I was going out for my birthday and was running late! I had a great time last night and want to say a big “thank you!” to all who came out to see me and hang out! 🙂

I enjoy blogging but writing multiple posts in the one sitting is hard for me. I find it hard to maintain my concentration despite being interested in what I’m writing about! Does anyone else have this problem? More importantly, has anyone found a solution to this problem?! 😉


image: (this website is really interesting if you are into sociology - worth checking out!)

Etude House, like THEFACESHOP and Tony Moly, is a Korean skin care and cosmetics brand. I happened to order some of their products from an eBay seller based in Korea recently, including the Daily Mask Skin Essence (20 pack). They threw in some free samples, including that of the Fresh Cherry Tint in Red and Pink (it also comes in a peachy colour).

So, what did I think of these? Here we go! 🙂

Daily Mask Skin Essence (20 pack)

hmm… too bad i can’t read korean! i didn’t follow the instructions properly, i think, and threw out the clear sticker on top of the bronze coloured packaging. i’ve since put the whole thing in a snaplock plastic bag to hopefully prevent the masks from drying out! :-0

Price & where can I get it?: approx $16 AUD on eBay, with free shipping from some sellers

I was very excitied to try these. I enjoy using face mask sheets as a bit of a pick me up, usually once a week. Seeing that I could get some for <$1 AUD each looked pretty awesome to me! (I realise that these are meant to be designed for “daily” use but doubted they’d be moisturising enough to warrant that.)

The packaging is nice and makes it easy to bring with you when travelling (if you leave the clear sticker on unlike me – see last pic caption!), and the sturdy box allows you to stack other things on top if need be.

When opening the box and getting to the mask sheets, I was hit with a strong plant like fragrance. It’s hard for me to explain, maybe smelling like a lawn after rain, or fresh soil? It wasn’t unpleasant but surprised me… Maybe it’s what Red Ginseng (one of the main botanical ingredients) is meant to smell like?! (LOL :))This fragrance dissipated when I took a mask out of the box. You need to be very careful when taking masks out as they can tear easily with this particular product!

I left it on my face for the full recommended time of 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it had mostly dried out by that time! This was very weird as I’ve never had that issue with any face mask sheet I’ve previously used. This makes me wonder how effective distribution of the serum is within the bulk pack of masks.

Make sure you are careful when closing the box to make sure it is properly closed. It took me 4 attempts to get it right! So it is more cumbersome than it looks, unfortunately.

I suppose if you are happy to just leave the mask on for a much shorter time (e.g. 10 mins) and don’t mind the possibility that the serum is not evenly distributed (which means that you may not get maximum benefit from the product), you may want to buy this. I won’t be repurchasing!

Beautiful Rating: quality 2/5, value 2/5 – doesn’t perform as it should!


Fresh Cherry Tint – Pink

Price: approx. $8 AUD at present (going on the US –> AU exchange rate here! :))

Where can I get it? via various eBay sellers.

I’ll state my bias straight up – I am typically not a fan of lip tints. Without a gloss component, I find that they tend to leave my lips feeling dry and strange. I then have to apply a gloss on top, and I can be lazy at times, so then think well hey why not just get a tinted lipgloss?

Unfortunately this was the experience I had with the Fresh Cherry Tint. I only tried the Pink one out as I found that was enough for me to form an opinion on the product!

This appears super bright when out of the pack, as per below:

Strangely enough it did not make any noticeable impact on my lip colour, despite applying generously. However, it was very difficult to get it off of the back of my hand used in the photo!

This product is best suited to those who have very pale lips and who don’t mind the dry and tight feeling one can get with lip tints… or who can be bothered to do tint + gloss! 😉

Beautiful Rating: quality 1/5, value 1/5 – despite not liking the feeling of tints I could not see any colour on my lips, which is of course the whole point of the product!


Ok, so with the above being said, I won’t be buying more Etude House products.Such a shame as I find their advertising so cute!!!

Are there any Etude House fans out there? Which products do you recommend in their range?! Alternatively, does anyone agree with my views on Etude House products so far?

Have a lovely weekend ahead everybody. It’s Saturday night here and I’m having a quiet one, to recover from my birthday celebrations! 🙂 For those of you in Adelaide, who are also enjoying a long weekend, be safe! Drive carefully and do not drink and drive. It’s just not worth it.

Empties! (February)

Hi everyone! Aren’t you glad it’s Friday?! 🙂

I’ve been lucky this week, as I celebrate my birthday this week. I received a present from Mr R which was a massive surprise – and you’ll be glad he got it for me – because it is a new DSLR camera!!! 🙂 It’s a Canon EOS 600D and, well, I think it’s going to take me a while to learn to use it properly but I think the quality of the pictures I’ve been able to take on it is waaaay better than with my old cameras! Sometimes I’ll still use my older and smaller cameras for photos where a bulkier camera is inconvenient or impractical, but most of the time I’ll be shooting with my newbie. So far I’ve got 2 lenses for it – one capable of general + macro shots and one for more long distance shooting.


Here’s a selection of my empties from February which I thought were worth reviewing! (Whoops forgot to watermark this pic… oh well!)

My thoughts on these products, going from L to R:

Biore Deep Cleaning Pore Strips

Price: approx. $6 AUD depending on where you buy it.

Where can I get it? Most supermarkets and chemists.

Well I think these are the original and still the best when it comes to pore cleaning, congestion clearing, or however you’d like to put it! A while ago I tried using THEFACESHOP’s mask which claims to do the same thing and it did not even mildly compare (you can read more here).

These have been my go to since a teenager, so yup I always end up repurchasing these! (I wish I didn’t need to but my skin is combo – oily so I don’t think this will happen any time soon. 😦 )

Do make sure you follow the instructions carefully and you should be equally happy with this product. Steer clear of it if you have very delicate or easily irritated skin.

Beautiful rating: quality 5/5, value 5/5. They do what they say they’ll do and they’re a reasonable price.


Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black mascara

Price: can be up to $14.95 AUD depending on where you get it… Yup we get ripped off here don’t we?! 😦

Where can I get it? As per the pore strips! 🙂

Another staple of mine. Very reliable mascara. Not sure if it’s truly the “blackest black”, as how “black” can black be past, well, black?!

However, I find that this mascara does not do terribly well in terms of extending the length of your lashes or enhancing curl. I like it as a day to day mascara for work or general outings, but prefer others when going out at night and for special occasions.

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5, value 4/5.


Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths – Sensitive

Price: I got it on sale for $5 AUD.

Where can I get it? Most supermarkets and chemists.

Boy I was disappointed with these. I’ve used a range of cleansing cloths in the past and never had the problem I did with these, which ironically are meant to be for sensitive skin. As soon as I used these (I typically use them as a first step of cleansing to get most of my makeup off, particularly eye makeup) my eyes began to sting and water like mad! So they went straight in the bin after I took the Empties shot. 😦

I’m considering actually contacting Olay to give them my feedback on these as I felt the “Sensitive” tag is very misleading. I guess at least by including this in the post it will alert others to the problems with this product.

Beautiful rating: quality 1/5, value 1/5 – no good for sensitive skin!


Well folks, that wraps up the Empties for Feb. Onto my thoughts on some Etude House products!

For those of you who are into cameras – what type of camera do you have and why? (i.e. Do you have a preference for a particular brand or type of camera, such as film vs digital?)

Cheap n cheerful – Cutex’s French Manicure range

Hi!!!! Has everyone been enjoying their weekend? 🙂 Mine got off to a lousy start – due to being unwell I did not make it to the Morricone concert. 😦 Since Saturday, however, I’ve been feeling much better and I did get to do some fun things this weekend. I also received a huge surprise early birthday present from Mr R (my birthday is actually this week)! I will tell you all more about that later on.

I briefly mentioned this polish in an earlier post, but love it so much I thought it was worth a proper review post all of its own – from Cutex’s French Manicure polish range. 🙂 There are several colours in the range, including pinks, whites and creams, and I have ~

#603: French Rose

Here it is, on my nails today! 🙂

I've got 2 coats of the polish on here. This pic unfortunately does not show the pinkish side to this polish to the fullest!

Price: I picked this up on sale for $2.99 AUD but usually it’s between $5 and $10 AUD, if I remember correctly.

Where can I get it? In my earlier post, I mentioned Priceline, but tonight I realised that actually I had bought it at Chemist Warehouse! You can get it at both of these places, however, as well as discount department stores such as Big W and some supermarkets.

I love the shade of this polish as it is a nude but it has a slight pink in it. It is long wearing however be careful to apply thin coats. I did have problems with the polish peeling off the same day (!) when I applied it thickly (I had wanted a more opaque effect at the time, but I now know that was not the way to achieve it!).

With a top coat this lasts on my nails up to 5 days, which I’m very happy with. However, as time goes by the colour of the polish can change slightly – becoming slighly more yellowed than pinkish. This has happened regardless of whether or not I’m wearing a top coat.

A good performer at a very good price! My rating of this product is based on the price I bought it for, which of course is a sale price –

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5, value 5/5.


Usually I’m very talkative, aren’t I, and have something to say down here! Not much to say tonight! (Don’t worry it’s not you it’s me! ;-))

Have a great week ahead everyone and thank you for visiting, reading and supporting the blog! I hope to have a new (privately hosted) version of the site up and running by month’s end… Overambitious much?! LOL 😀


Reviewing with the help of my Mum – Nutrimetics’ Restore Anti-Ageing range

Woohoo it’s Thursday! 🙂 What do people have planned for the weekend? Tomorrow night I am lucky to be attending a performance of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and they will be conducted by Ennio Morricone. Who is Ennio??? He composed the music for a number of famous movies, mainly Westerns, and so that is the type of music they will be performing (You can read more about the event and him here.) I haven’t seen a live orchestra performance before so I’m looking forward to it!

The only downside is that there is a chance of rain – and it will be outdoors! Fingers crossed it stays dry…


I was fortunate to receive two full sized products from Nutrimetics’ Restore Anti-Ageing range for review. This range is designed for mature skin and features antioxidant ingredients derived from sauvingon blanc grapes. (Hmmm does this mean if I drink a glass of wine I will get the same benefits?! 🙂 ) I notice that the eye cream also contains black tea…

Nutrimetics describe the Restore range on their Aussie website as follows:

“Restore is formulated with Sauvignon Blanc Concentrate, to rewind the visible signs of skin ageing; diminishing the visibility of pigmentation, smoothing the apperance of wrinkles and enhancing skin radiance for a more beautiful, youthful looking complexion.”

As it is designed for older skin, I enlisted the help of my trusty Mum (thanks Mum!) in reviewing the products I received. She tried the Intense Anti-Ageing Night Cream for a month, whilst I tried the Anti-Ageing Eye Cream for a month (as I love eye creams!). These products RRP for $60 AUD and $46 AUD, respectively.


Nutrimetics’ Restore Intense Anti-Ageing Night Cream*


Mum’s thoughts (as gathered via interview between her – M – and me, S):

S: What did you like about this product?
M: It absorbed quickly into my skin, my skin did feel noticeably softer, and I noticed that lines softened slightly.

S: Was there anything that you didn’t like about it?
M: I did not like the fragrance. To me it was too intense, floral, and almost chemical like… I would buy this if it wasn’t fragranced.
[Mum is big on unscented products. I went ahead and sniffed this one, after hearing her comments, and noted only a slight fragrance. I pointed this out to Mum and she stated that it seems much more potent when actually on the skin.]

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5 (1 point off for the fragrance), value 4/5.


Nutrimetics’ Restore Anti-Ageing Firming Eye Cream*

image: (what's with the "long" pics?! sorry should've cropped!)

My thoughts:

This eye cream, upon first glance, seemed like most I’ve tried. Fragrance free (yay!), opaque white lotion, small tube will last you a long time (in a month I only used approximately a third of the tube). However, about a week in I noticed that the few fine lines I have under my eyes were fading! *YEAH!* Not gone completely, but much less noticeable.

Whilst I was happy with its effect on fine lines I find it hard to comment about the firming aspect. I don’t always get a lot of sleep (due to liking to stay up late and watch favourite TV shows or surf the net! Anyone else similar? 🙂 ) which can make my eyes a little puffy, and it didn’t make much difference with this. However I guess the product is targeted more at age related changes rather than those caused by lack of sleep!

Overall, I liked this product, but it isn’t cheap. I would also like to see it come in an SPF version!

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5 – if I could verify the firming claims, and it had SPF, I’d give it a 5! value 3/5.


Well, I never thought I’d be doing a review with my Mum, but there you go! I’ve just realised that I should’ve provided some context regarding her skin type: combination to dry, mature (shh don’t tell her I told you but she is approaching 60!), can be sensitive.

The Nutrimetics Restore range also includes a cleansing cream, cleansing lotion, toning lotion and day cream with SPF.

If you are based in Adelaide and want to purchase products from this range, but don’t know any Nutrimetics consultants, my friend Kaye has recently started consulting. You can contact her and find out about the latest specials via her Facebook page here: Nutrimetics by Kaye.

*Products were provided to me for consideration and review. (They were not provided by my friend Kaye; I’m just telling you about her business because I would like to! :P)

evo end doctor smoothing treatment

Hi everyone. 🙂

Phew this week has been a busy and tiring one so far. Have had a really bad bug (cold but possibly flu) which hasn’t helped! I hope that you are all having a much better week than me!

I also hope that you enjoy this review. 🙂


Discovered this product by chance – at my Mum’s house of all places! 🙂 (A lil secret of mine – the brown part of my hair I dye at home – my mum helps! Thanks Mum. ;))

Last weekend, after colouring my hair, Mum encouraged me to give evo‘s end doctor smoothing treatment a try. She’s been using it for a while and stated that she thinks it’s pretty good.

I just had to laugh (in a good way!) when reading the packaging for this product; you’ll see what I mean!

(the comb is not part of the product; it was just sitting there as I'd used it!)

Price: $25.95 AUD

Where can I get it? exclusive to salons which stock evo or online at their site: .

As you can read on the packaging shots above, this product is designed to do a few things – smooth unruly ends, provide heat protection, and also provide SPF protection (which would reduce rate of fading of colours due to sun exposure). On the latest version of the product packaging on evo‘s site, it makes specific reference to making curly wavy hair look good. This is ok as my hair type is wavy, however I do straighten my hair due to the cut I have!

I used the amount of product that my Mum stated she’d been advised to use – pea size (her hair’s about the same length as mine). It has a nice and mild fragrance and was easily absorbed by my damp hair.

This product didn’t leave my hair greasy, which is great, but it didn’t leave it looking any better than it usually does! I still had flyaways and the bits that tend to kick out really kicked out despite me using proper blowdrying techniques. So much for “taming” the hair! (In case anyone is wondering if the colouring of my hair before hand was a factor, I find that the colour I use tends to leave my hair shiny, smooth and healthy looking.)

As I’ve only tried this product once, do take my opinion with a pinch of salt, but I give it ~

Beautiful rating: quality 3/5, value 3/5. I love the packaging but it seems to be pretty average, given the price. (Sorry Mum – we’ll have to agree to disagree! ;-))


Does anyone else also like the use of quirky blurbs on products that they buy? Bed Head’s blurbs are my favourite! 🙂

Mmm Strawberries & Champagne – Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist

Happy Sunday all! 🙂

The weather has been absolutely stinking hot here! 😦 Today we are meant to have 80% humidity too, which is unusual for Adelaide… However this weather has meant that this particular product, Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist in Strawberries and Champagne, has come in very handy as it’s so refreshing!!!

Here are my thoughts…

Price: $12 USD or 5 for $30 USD online (I received this mist as a gift, I don’t usually look up RRP of gifts I received but this was necessary for the review – cheeky me huh?! ;))

Where can I get it? Victoria’s Secret outlets in the USA or online. Not sure if they ship to Australia or what the costs of that are!

This mist is true to its word, it does smell just like strawberries and champagne, with the strawberry aspect being most prominent. It is not overly sweet or overpowering.

As it is a mist rather than eau de toilette, it is not meant to be long lasting. As such I find it is great to spritz on during a hot day to give a bit of a pick me up, but would not use it in place of a standard perfume.

In all I think this product is great value and very nice. No complaints! If I had to look for some downsides, the only one I noted was the product’s large size (250ml) preventing it from fitting into smaller handbags.

Beautiful rating: quality 5/5, value 5/5!

Thank you for this nice gift Linda! 🙂


Does anyone else use Victoria’s Secret beauty products? What do you think of them?

What are your top tips for keeping cool on a hot summer’s day? 🙂


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