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Yessssss…. it’s Friday! Hope everyone’s making the most of their Friday night. 🙂 I’ve felt a bit brain and body fried this week so it’s a night in for me, but that’s ok!

Well I have a confession to make… I am a big big big BIG fan of Thalgo products!!! I love to treat myself with professional facials when I can afford it (which at the moment works out to once every 2 months 😦 but I realise that’s better than not at all), and the salon that I go to uses only Thalgo and Dermalogica products.

Based on my skin type (which is combination skin but also delicate – no heavily perfumed stuff on my face and I have to be very careful with products containing vitamin C), my beauty therapist has chosen Thalgo for my facials.

Anyway, one of the things I like when I get a facial is that they give me free samples to take home! 🙂 Here I review one that was given to me when I first started getting facials and they were working out what was best for me – Thalgo’s Energising Vitality Cream, which is a moisturiser.

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Price range: I’ve seen this range from $40.00 ish AUD online through to much more at beauty salons.

Where can I buy it? Certified Thalgo stockists (usually beauty salons) and online. Be careful when buying online kids as it may not be the genuine product!

This product has a natural and neutral scent which does not irritate my skin. Its consistency is somewhere between a cream and lotion, and your skin will just drink it up! (It rapidly absorbs.) When I tried this cream I used it at night and my skin still felt good when I woke up the next day. However I did notice that whilst there was no excess oil, parts of my skin were a teeny bit dry.

This particular product is apparently designed for younger skin, which I take to mean skin =/<30 years of age (no offence is intended to anyone over 30… after all, I’m around this mark myself!). The marine ingredients included are good for balancing out any excess oil.

Go for this one if you have younger skin with combination to oily features and feel like a splurge – you deserve it! 🙂

Beautiful rating: quality 5/5, value 5/5 (if you got it for a good price!)

For more information: The Australian Thalgo official site was down when I was typing this up but their international site is at if you would like to read more about their products.

A site which has even more and better detail (at least, in my opinion!) is not an official website but here:

Haveagoodweekend all! 🙂


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