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Here Kitty Kitty! Hello Kitty Cosmetics: Diamond Gloss & Eyeshadow

Evening all y’all! πŸ™‚

Well, as I might have mentioned in an earlier post I’m a bit of a Hello Kitty tragic fan! πŸ˜‰ I’ve loved HK products since I was a teenager. Sooo, when Priceline began stocking a range of HK inspired make up I had to try it!

At my local store they had a special offer – buy any two products from the range and get a free HK plushie! Here’s mine:

When selecting the products I wanted to try, I looked for things that I actually needed. (As it is very easy to get carried away with this range – it’s so cute! ;)) So I picked up the Diamond Gloss in Strawberry Fields and eyeshadow in Les Turquoises ( = The Turquoises). What follows is a pic of them both plus close ups of the eyeshadow, first without flash and then taken with flash on.

Price range: each of these products was AUD $9.99.

Where can I get it? Exclusive to Priceline stores. Not all stores stock it, so check Priceline’s website before you go shopping! πŸ™‚

Both products are made in Europe – the eyeshadow in France and the gloss in Italy. The packaging does not specify, however, exactly which company is producing the product.

Swatches of the productsΒ  are below (sorry the pic was not as good as I’d hoped). From L-R: gloss, eyeshadow heavy application, eyeshadow light application.

Regarding the lip gloss, I was looking for something that added a little bit of my colour to my lips and made them look nice and shiny. The lip gloss delivered on both fronts and has a lovely strawberry fragrance. It has a roller ball and the gloss glided on smoothly. (I don’t know about you but sometimes I’ve had glosses with roller balls and the roller ball can feel very cold or rough – this one was fine.) I do however think this is not worth $9.99 and that say $4.99 would be a fairer price – it wears off quickly and you have to frequently reapply.

Below are pics of the gloss on me – first shows gloss alone, in the second picture I’d applied it over the top of some lippie (Designer Brands’ Lilac Mauve lipstick – a really nice frosty pink).

Beautiful rating: quality 3/5, value 3/5

Of the two products, my favourite was the eyeshadow. As other reviewers have mentioned, the eyeshadows are pigmented and a little bit goes a long way. I used the turquoise as part of a smoky silver eye look (highlighted the outer corners of my eyes with the turquoise)…. I tried to take a photo of this but all of them turned out very pale (OK OK I know I need to get a better camera! ;)). 😦

In terms of wear, it lasted well all day on both a warm day and a reasonably cool day (sometimes when it’s warm I find my eye makeup is more likely to crease).

The only thing I didn’t like about the eyeshadow is that I think the packaging should have allowed room for an eyeshadow applicator to be included. I like free applicators! πŸ˜›

Beautiful rating: quality 5/5, value 5/5

Have you tried any of the Hello Kitty cosmetic range? If so what did you think? Feel free to let me know by commenting and/or including a link to your blog entry on it, below! πŸ™‚


a *slight* obsession…

How has everyone’s weekend been? For me yesterday was great but today not so much – however I always do prefer Saturdays to Sundays! (For me Saturdays mean I still have another day to go before work starts lol!)

*Cough* I have at least a – um – slight obsession with Hello Kitty! It all started in high school when I was really into cute/kawaii things, and has stuck ever since!

I got super excited when I read that Priceline, a big chemist chain over here, is now stocking a range of Hello Kitty inspired cosmetics! πŸ™‚ I will be sure to be reviewing some of this stuff in the future…

hello kitty range of makeup

The best thing about it is that Priceline is currently running a competition where there are 10 mega packs of Hello Kitty cosmetics to give away! (Which is great as it means that we can all potentially win haha! ;)) Check it out via their Facebook page.

Do any of you have things that you obsess over or love to collect, like me and Hello Kitty stuff?

Have a great week and I hope to post up some new reviews in the coming days. πŸ™‚


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