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bonnie bonnie bonnie BONNIE! <3

Hey! How’s everyone’s week been so far?

I’ve gotten home a bit earlier than usual as I haven’t been very well. I have had a bad cold all week, which I hope will be better by Saturday! (On Saturday I’m catching up with some other Beauty Bloggers based in Adelaide, most of whom I haven’t met in person before – should be fun! :)) So my plan for this afternoon is to take it easy.

I thought readers and visitors might be interested in meeting my dog (who is still technically a puppy – her first birthday will be on 17/1/12!) Bonnie. She’s a Maltese x Shihtzu which means that she has a great personality but needs regular brushing and trips to the groomers. She needs daily and thorough brushing when her fur is like it is now:

(Don’t worry, she’s going to the dog groomer’s this weekend so won’t have to be wearing a heavy fur coat over summer. :))

I had never had a dog like Bonnie before. When I was growing up, my parents always had big dogs like Rottweilers! They currently have a Labrador and also, funnily enough, a small dog too – a Mini Fox Terrier! Both dogs have very different personalities to Bonnie.

Bonnie is quite intelligent and has a calm personality, but she can also be very cheeky at times! One of her favourite things to do is seek out and destroy shoes as well as stockings! 😦 (Hence all of my shoes are now stored in a shoe rack beyond her reach…) She also loves to pose for the camera and will typically stay still for photos, unlike my parents’ dogs!

I was worried that she might bark a lot, but she doesn’t! She only barks when there is something wrong or there is a stranger at the door, or sometimes when playing a game. She was also easy to toilet train and I’ve had a “dog flap” (just like a cat flap but bigger) installed so she just goes outside when she needs to.

I’d love to hear about other people’s pets – feel free to comment and link to photos of your dog/cat/fish! 🙂

PS. Don’t forget to enter my Xmas giveaway comp! It’s open to all readers worldwide and there are some nice things up for grabs. Entries close midnight Jan 4th 2012, Adelaide time (GMT +09:30). 🙂

PPS. Why the “bonnie” 4x? For some reason Bonnie makes both me and my boyfriend think of the Kaiser Chef’s song “Ruby” (which has that catchy “ruby ruby ruby RUBY!” tag line in it ;)). If you haven’t heard the song before, here it is courtesy of good ol YouTube!


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