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It’s a nice day for a ROMANIAN wedding…

Happy Sundayyyyyyyy 🙂

As promised, some pics and thoughts on the wedding I attended recently (a week ago, to be precise)!*

The Ceremony

The bride and her family are originally from Romania, and so the ceremony was held at a local Romanian Orthodox church. The wedding ceremony was very similar to other orthodox ceremonies that I have attended; the bride and groom each wear a crown, which is associated with particular blessings made upon the couple and sets them up as the “king and queen” of their newly created family. From the research that I have done there does not seem to be a specific reason for why/how that tradition came about! Additionally, the ceremony is extremely LONG – it was approx. 1.5 hours in duration and it was standing room only in the small church (so don’t wear super high heels like I did LOL!).

I found a website that provides an overview of various Romanian Orthodox wedding traditions for those who would like to read more about this: … it mentions additional meanings of the crowns as well as discussion of hand binding, which did not happen at the ceremony I attended.

The bride and groom looked great and the bridesmaids wore neutral coloured dresses that were quite nice.

The Reception

cute place markers... these contained sugared almonds 🙂

The reception was held at a resort hotel in West Lakes, a suburb which as the name suggests overlooks lakes! It was a very nice reception with nice food and great attention to detail. The cake was very pretty and designed by the bride; it was a marbled chocolate/vanilla cake with vanilla icing.

I thought these were nice too!

A bigger overview of the table setting:

What I wore

(My hair drove my crazy!!!
There were cyclonic like winds outside on the day which led to so/so hair! 😦 )

After some thought, I decided to go for a conservative but bright look. This meant that, as I was wearing a bright dress, I went for neutral and understated makeup; here I am with my boyfriend “R” (he’s suited up as he was one of the groomsmen!).

Face – NARS Firming Foundation in Deauxville (went for this one as it’s a sample I’ve been trying out!) + Prestige Skin Loving Minerals mineral powder in Light.

Eyes & Cheeks – Nutrimetics’ Marble Rouge in Jupiter (very versatile product this one…. have previously reviewed it here). Mascara – Nutrimetics’ Lash Lightening Mascara in Black (have also previously reviewed this one).

Lips – Prestige’s Lightshine Sheer Gloss Liner in Calla + Prestige’s Classic Lipstick in Sophia (also previously reviewed over here).

Nails – LOL after my experience with those “Kiss” nail stickers I decided to go for a simple and classic look with Cutex’s French Manicure polish in French Rose (fantastic bargain polish – got this for $2.99 at Priceline!) + some cute floral nail art stickers I bought from Morning Glory some time ago, as per below:


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post; I’m very open to any suggestions on how I can improve my writing/posts and topics to write about so feel free to contact me or “comment”! 🙂

This week I’ve got a Valentine’s Day, The Body Shop product review and an Empties (January) post planned… What do people have planned for Valentine’s Day this year??? 🙂

*I sought permission from the bride before publishing photos of the wedding on the blog; hence only a limited selection of photos have been uploaded here.

Rouge-in it up with Nutrimetics’ Marble Rouge!

Happy Sunday all! 🙂

I was really busy on here the other day, wasn’t I? I had a lot to blog about so thought at the time “there’s no time like the present!”. This week I have a few posts planned: one on exfoliators, a review of a unisex product from “A Bloke’s Perspective”, and another specifically for the guys.

Today I’m doing my first review on a blush/rouge! Whether or not you choose to use the term blush or rouge in English is debatable (in French it’s just “le[?] rouge”), I use either term depending on my mood hehe.

You will be pleased to hear that I have *finally* got a new camera and it really improves the quality of the photos and the overall look of posts, me thinks! 🙂 I’m keen to hear what you all think too!


Nutrimetics Marble Rouge (shade Jupiter 12531) *

Price range:$25 from Nutrimetics‘ Aussie website.

Where can I get it? exclusive to Nutrimetics

As you can see in the pics below (first without flash, second with – and heyyyy pics taken on my new kitchen bench!) the blush has two sections. When applying it to my face I actually swished my brush over both sections so as to tone down the colour to better suit my skin tone.

However, as Nutrimetics state, it’s been specifically designed this way because the two different shades are intended to act as a “duo of highlighter and colour in the one compact” so that “you create beautifully sculpted cheeks” (quotes taken from their Aussie website). Nifty but not really an option for me due to my skin tone.

Swatches – first without flash and then with:

L-R: marbled side, highlighter side, both mixed together

L-R: marbled side, highlighter side, both mixed together

I was heading out for coffee with a friend so wanted to keep my face simple – I also swished some on my eyelids and finished off with my ol’ fave mascara – Maybelline’s Great Lash Blackest Black. Here are some shots to show you how it looked on my face. As per the other pics first one is without flash and second with:

I was quite happy with the results (though I could’ve blended it a bit better!) and it lasted all day! I see it comes in a pinkier shade – Arial – and I would probably prefer that (due to skin tone), but otherwise it was fine. It is quite pigmented so a little of this blush goes a long way.

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5 (if the packaging included space for a brush I’d be 100% happy – I’m a bit lazy and don’t enjoy cleaning makeup brushes, so love it when a product includes one!), value 4/5.


When wearing makeup, I always wear a bit of blush. I think it adds a healthy glow to my face – in moderation!

What are your views on blush? Do you wear it or not, and why? Which blush is your favourite? 🙂

*Product was provided to me for my consideration and review.


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