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Reviewing with the help of my Mum – Nutrimetics’ Restore Anti-Ageing range

Woohoo it’s Thursday! πŸ™‚ What do people have planned for the weekend? Tomorrow night I am lucky to be attending a performance of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and they will be conducted by Ennio Morricone. Who is Ennio??? He composed the music for a number of famous movies, mainly Westerns, and so that is the type of music they will be performing (You can read more about the event and him here.) I haven’t seen a live orchestra performance before so I’m looking forward to it!

The only downside is that there is a chance of rain – and it will be outdoors! Fingers crossed it stays dry…


I was fortunate to receive two full sized products from Nutrimetics’ Restore Anti-Ageing range for review. This range is designed for mature skin and features antioxidant ingredients derived from sauvingon blanc grapes. (Hmmm does this mean if I drink a glass of wine I will get the same benefits?! πŸ™‚ ) I notice that the eye cream also contains black tea…

Nutrimetics describe the Restore range on their Aussie website as follows:

“Restore is formulated with Sauvignon Blanc Concentrate, to rewind the visible signs of skin ageing; diminishing the visibility of pigmentation, smoothing the apperance of wrinkles and enhancing skin radiance for a more beautiful, youthful looking complexion.”

As it is designed for older skin, I enlisted the help of my trusty Mum (thanks Mum!) in reviewing the products I received. She tried the Intense Anti-Ageing Night Cream for a month, whilst I tried the Anti-Ageing Eye Cream for a month (as I love eye creams!). These products RRP for $60 AUD and $46 AUD, respectively.


Nutrimetics’ Restore Intense Anti-Ageing Night Cream*


Mum’s thoughts (as gathered via interview between her – M – and me, S):

S: What did you like about this product?
M: It absorbed quickly into my skin, my skin did feel noticeably softer, and I noticed that lines softened slightly.

S: Was there anything that you didn’t like about it?
M: I did not like the fragrance. To me it was too intense, floral, and almost chemical like… I would buy this if it wasn’t fragranced.
[Mum is big on unscented products. I went ahead and sniffed this one, after hearing her comments, and noted only a slight fragrance. I pointed this out to Mum and she stated that it seems much more potent when actually on the skin.]

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5 (1 point off for the fragrance), value 4/5.


Nutrimetics’ Restore Anti-Ageing Firming Eye Cream*

image: (what's with the "long" pics?! sorry should've cropped!)

My thoughts:

This eye cream, upon first glance, seemed like most I’ve tried. Fragrance free (yay!), opaque white lotion, small tube will last you a long time (in a month I only used approximately a third of the tube). However, about a week in I noticed that the few fine lines I have under my eyes were fading! *YEAH!* Not gone completely, but much less noticeable.

Whilst I was happy with its effect on fine lines I find it hard to comment about the firming aspect. I don’t always get a lot of sleep (due to liking to stay up late and watch favourite TV shows or surf the net! Anyone else similar? πŸ™‚ ) which can make my eyes a little puffy, and it didn’t make much difference with this. However I guess the product is targeted more at age related changes rather than those caused by lack of sleep!

Overall, I liked this product, but it isn’t cheap. I would also like to see it come in an SPF version!

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5 – if I could verify the firming claims, and it had SPF, I’d give it a 5! value 3/5.


Well, I never thought I’d be doing a review with my Mum, but there you go! I’ve just realised that I should’ve provided some context regarding her skin type: combination to dry, mature (shh don’t tell her I told you but she is approaching 60!), can be sensitive.

The Nutrimetics Restore range also includes a cleansing cream, cleansing lotion, toning lotion and day cream with SPF.

If you are based in Adelaide and want to purchase products from this range, but don’t know any Nutrimetics consultants, my friend Kaye has recently started consulting. You can contact her and find out about the latest specials via her Facebook page here: Nutrimetics by Kaye.

*Products were provided to me for consideration and review. (They were not provided by my friend Kaye; I’m just telling you about her business because I would like to! :P)


It’s a nice day for a ROMANIAN wedding…

Happy Sundayyyyyyyy πŸ™‚

As promised, some pics and thoughts on the wedding I attended recently (a week ago, to be precise)!*

The Ceremony

The bride and her family are originally from Romania, and so the ceremony was held at a local Romanian Orthodox church. The wedding ceremony was very similar to other orthodox ceremonies that I have attended; the bride and groom each wear a crown, which is associated with particular blessings made upon the couple and sets them up as the “king and queen” of their newly created family. From the research that I have done there does not seem to be a specific reason for why/how that tradition came about! Additionally, the ceremony is extremely LONG – it was approx. 1.5 hours in duration and it was standing room only in the small church (so don’t wear super high heels like I did LOL!).

I found a website that provides an overview of various Romanian Orthodox wedding traditions for those who would like to read more about this: … it mentions additional meanings of the crowns as well as discussion of hand binding, which did not happen at the ceremony I attended.

The bride and groom looked great and the bridesmaids wore neutral coloured dresses that were quite nice.

The Reception

cute place markers... these contained sugared almonds πŸ™‚

The reception was held at a resort hotel in West Lakes, a suburb which as the name suggests overlooks lakes! It was a very nice reception with nice food and great attention to detail. The cake was very pretty and designed by the bride; it was a marbled chocolate/vanilla cake with vanilla icing.

I thought these were nice too!

A bigger overview of the table setting:

What I wore

(My hair drove my crazy!!!
There were cyclonic like winds outside on the day which led to so/so hair! 😦 )

After some thought, I decided to go for a conservative but bright look. This meant that, as I was wearing a bright dress, I went for neutral and understated makeup; here I am with my boyfriend “R” (he’s suited up as he was one of the groomsmen!).

Face – NARS Firming Foundation in Deauxville (went for this one as it’s a sample I’ve been trying out!) + Prestige Skin Loving Minerals mineral powder in Light.

Eyes & Cheeks – Nutrimetics’ Marble Rouge in Jupiter (very versatile product this one…. have previously reviewed it here). Mascara – Nutrimetics’ Lash Lightening Mascara in Black (have also previously reviewed this one).

Lips – Prestige’s Lightshine Sheer Gloss Liner in Calla + Prestige’s Classic Lipstick in Sophia (also previously reviewed over here).

Nails – LOL after my experience with those “Kiss” nail stickers I decided to go for a simple and classic look with Cutex’s French Manicure polish in French Rose (fantastic bargain polish – got this for $2.99 at Priceline!) + some cute floral nail art stickers I bought from Morning Glory some time ago, as per below:


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post; I’m very open to any suggestions on how I can improve my writing/posts and topics to write about so feel free to contact me or “comment”! πŸ™‚

This week I’ve got a Valentine’s Day, The Body Shop product review and an Empties (January) post planned… What do people have planned for Valentine’s Day this year??? πŸ™‚

*I sought permission from the bride before publishing photos of the wedding on the blog; hence only a limited selection of photos have been uploaded here.

Pampering @ home Sarah style!

Good evening all! πŸ™‚

I meant to post about this on Tuesday, when I actually took some time out to do a little pampering session for myself at home, but time has flown like crazy this week! (Probably because I have been on holidays, ha! πŸ˜‰ I return to work and the world of reality on Monday.)

I thought that people may be interested in some DIY pedicure and hair treatment tips, so I took photos to document parts of my pampering session (just the essentials – otherwise this post would really be overloaded with pics!) to help me explain it to you.

Before we get started, I would like to remind people that I am not a trained beauty therapist. Also, the way in which I have done these things is pretty much “my way”! This means that you may agree or disagree with the steps I did or didn’t include in the process. So if you read this and think to yourself “hmm I would’ve done that differently” – that’s fine! However I hope that you may learn some new things from this post. πŸ™‚

Part One – Hair Treatment

I typically start with the hair treatment as I will leave it in for a few hours, and won’t wash it out till I’ve done my other pampering bits n pieces. I like to go natural with hair treatments and have read a lot of good stuff about the use of virgin coconut oil as a hair treatment. I started doing this weekly early last year, when I was desperately wanting my hair to grow, but now I tend to do it monthly as my hair is pretty close to my goal length. (Also because I am a bit lazy! ;)). There is a lot of information online about coconut oil and using it as a hair treatment – I found YouTube tutorials particularly helpful (there are TONS to choose from there). Coconut oil can also be used as a moisturiser on your skin (you’ll see it as an ingredient in many body lotions), in cooking, and also as a dietary supplement.

Here are some pics of the coconut oil that I use. It cost me <$20 AUD on eBay (including postage) and I have only used 1/4 of the jar in approximately a year – great value!!!

So how do you do the “coconut oil treatment” for your hair? Easy peasy! πŸ™‚

1. Grab the jar of oil, some cotton wool balls, and a wrap for your hair (scarf, bandanna, old towel, old cloth headband, etc). Set it up in your bathroom in front of the mirror because you’ll need to see what you are doing!

2. If the weather is warm (say, around 30 degrees Celsius or higher!) you won’t need to do this step as the oil will already be in liquid form. If it is cooler, however, the oil will appear solid in the jar. Use a teaspoon to scoop a heaped teaspoonful of oil into a small glass or ceramic bowl. (My hair is approx. 20 centimetres long; if your hair is longer you may need more oil.) Run some hot water in your bathroom sink and sit the bowl in it, and stir the oil for a minute or two until it is completely melted. ***Safety alert*** make sure you test the temperature of the oil before applying to your hair – you do not want to burn yourself!

3. Grab a cotton ball and dab it into the oil.

4. Gently apply the oil around your hairline. You can also then section your hair and dab directly onto the scalp all over. This takes a long time so if you’re like me and would like a “cheat’s version” πŸ˜‰ ~
I simply use a teaspoon to pour a small amount of oil into the palm of my hand, slap it onto my fingertips, tip my head upside down and massage the oil into my scalp for a few minutes.

5. Then apply a small amount of oil to the ends of your hair.

6. Using a wide tooth comb, comb your hair.This distributes the oil through the hair.

7. Wrap your hair up on top of your head using the scarf, bandana, etc. Here’s a shot of my hair!

8. After a couple of hours (some leave it on overnight but I would not recommend that as if you leave it on for that long there is a risk it’ll make your hair quite greasy. Also it is likely to make a big mess on your pillow unless you take precautions!), wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo, but remember to skip the conditioner. Dry/style as per usual.

Tada! You should now be left with shiny hair and a happy scalp! (My scalp can be quite dry and improved significantly when I did the treatment weekly.)

Part 2 – The Pedicure

I’d read about the use of green tea as a good DIY foot soak and thought I’d give it a try! As it was a very hot day over here, I knew that I wanted it to be cold, not hot, when my feet were in it. So I prepared this part first thing that morning. Grabbed a big bowl that was OK to put my feet into, added a few green tea bags (they also had mint in them – I thought this would be a bonus and help my feet smell nice! ;)) and some hot water. You could recycle the tea bags after that and use them (when cold) on your eyes to reduce puffiness, but I only thought about that later when they were in the garbage bin (too late! :-0).

mmm green tea + mint goodness! πŸ™‚

I also gathered a few other things that I would need. As you can see in the picture I included a nail file, nail scissors, nail polish remover, moisturiser, and so on.

I didn’t bother to get my orange stick as my cuticles were looking fine and didn’t need to be pushed back. I did however plan to use my imitation “Ped Egg” (anyone remember those? ;)), here it is if you haven’t heard of these before….

I also grabbed a towel and the big bowl of tea (with teabags removed… eww how weird would they feel to step on?! LOL!) and sat on the lounge chair in front of the TV. πŸ™‚

Here’s what I did next:

1. Remove any old nail polish with nail polish remover and then soak feet in the tea solution for approximately 15 minutes. (I did not need to scrub my feet as I’d already given them a good wash in the shower earlier that day.)

2. Gently dry feet with a towel. Trim and file your nails.

3. Use pumice stone part of “Ped Egg” to buff away dead skin on rough patches of soles of feet. I did not need to use the cheese-grater-look-a-like part but if I did, I would use it very very VERY gently. Don’t want to do any damage!

4. Moisturise feet with a good quality moisturiser. I used my yummy smelling Nutrimetics one (previously reviewed here).

5. If cuticles are looking daggy/in need of a tidy up, I would gently push them back with an orange stick between steps 2 and 3, when the cuticles are still soft.

6. Apply some cuticle oil to cuticles and rub in well. Leave for a few minutes (I used Nutrimetics’ Ultra Care+ Vitamin Oil. A good multipurpose oil – you can use that on your hair too but given the cost/size ratio I prefer to use the coconut oil for that!).

7. Apply 2 coats of your preferred nail polish; let dry between coats. (If I’m wanting my pedicure to really last well I also apply a base and top coat. I was in a very casual mode on Tuesday so didn’t bother!) I used Sally Hansen’s Extreme Wear in “Crushed”.

8. Enjoy having pretty feet! Here’s how my tootsies looked (and still look – pedicure has lasted well so far):

it was hard for me to pick a photo of my feet that I at least sort of liked! feet are a bit weird if you ask me! πŸ™‚


Let me know what you think of this post… I guess this could be considered my first tutorial post! Never thought I would do tutorials but there you go! πŸ™‚ I think it could also be my longest post of all time – if you are still reading, well done!

Have any of you tried coconut oil on your hair before? My biggest tip with it is “less is more” – so the first time you try it, it is better to not use enough than to overdo it and be left with limp locks!

What are your tips for DIY hair treatments and/or pedicures? πŸ™‚

Rouge-in it up with Nutrimetics’ Marble Rouge!

Happy Sunday all! πŸ™‚

I was really busy on here the other day, wasn’t I? I had a lot to blog about so thought at the time “there’s no time like the present!”. This week I have a few posts planned: one on exfoliators, a review of a unisex product from “A Bloke’s Perspective”, and another specifically for the guys.

Today I’m doing my first review on a blush/rouge! Whether or not you choose to use the term blush or rouge in English is debatable (in French it’s just “le[?] rouge”), I use either term depending on my mood hehe.

You will be pleased to hear that I have *finally* got a new camera and it really improves the quality of the photos and the overall look of posts, me thinks! πŸ™‚ I’m keen to hear what you all think too!


Nutrimetics Marble Rouge (shade Jupiter 12531) *

Price range:$25 from Nutrimetics‘ Aussie website.

Where can I get it? exclusive to Nutrimetics

As you can see in the pics below (first without flash, second with – and heyyyy pics taken on my new kitchen bench!) the blush has two sections. When applying it to my face I actually swished my brush over both sections so as to tone down the colour to better suit my skin tone.

However, as Nutrimetics state, it’s been specifically designed this way because the two different shades are intended to act as a “duo of highlighter and colour in the one compact” so that “you create beautifully sculpted cheeks” (quotes taken from their Aussie website). Nifty but not really an option for me due to my skin tone.

Swatches – first without flash and then with:

L-R: marbled side, highlighter side, both mixed together

L-R: marbled side, highlighter side, both mixed together

I was heading out for coffee with a friend so wanted to keep my face simple – I also swished some on my eyelids and finished off with my ol’ fave mascara – Maybelline’s Great Lash Blackest Black. Here are some shots to show you how it looked on my face. As per the other pics first one is without flash and second with:

I was quite happy with the results (though I could’ve blended it a bit better!) and it lasted all day! I see it comes in a pinkier shade – Arial – and I would probably prefer that (due to skin tone), but otherwise it was fine. It is quite pigmented so a little of this blush goes a long way.

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5 (if the packaging included space for a brush I’d be 100% happy – I’m a bit lazy and don’t enjoy cleaning makeup brushes, so love it when a product includes one!), value 4/5.


When wearing makeup, I always wear a bit of blush. I think it adds a healthy glow to my face – in moderation!

What are your views on blush? Do you wear it or not, and why? Which blush is your favourite? πŸ™‚

*Product was provided to me for my consideration and review.

What I’m wearing today… Vivienne Westwood + Nutrimetics

Hi everyone! πŸ™‚

Phew I hope your day has been quieter than mine – unless you like being super busy! I’ve been at an extended family Xmas + Birthday ‘do and am soon due to head off for another get together for my brother’s birthday. Earlier this morning my Dad and I were working on renovation stuff for my kitchen (I’m not sure if I’ve talked about that previously?).

Yesterday I attended a catch up for beauty bloggers based in my hometown of Adelaide. It was a lot of fun despite the horrible rainy weather we’ve been having! πŸ™‚ Welcome to any #ABBM-ers who may drop by as well as all new Twitter followers & Facebook likers! (If you haven’t yet – enter my Xmas giveaway comp! Entries close midnight 4th Jan 2012 +09:30 GMT. Click here!)


Anywhoo, today I thought I’d post about products that I’m actually wearing/using today! Here they are:

L-R, top to bottom: Vivienne Westwood Let It Rock perfume, Nutrimetics Lash Lightning mascara (it’s black but no shade is specified on the box or tube), and Nutrimetics Lip Lightning lip gloss (Bare Naturel #14767).

Vivienne Westwood Let It Rock

Price range: when I bought it approx. 2 years ago it cost approx. 50 GBP (I get all my Westwood stuff from Hervia’s online shop – they are based in the UK and well worth a visit – excellent customer service and often freebies are included in your parcel! :-))

Where can I get it? For Aussie residents, online, for overseas residents, you may be lucky enough to have a Westwood boutique near you!

The bottle for this perfume is amazing. As you can see in the photo, the lid is Westwood’s signature orb! The scent is nice but NOT for those who like subtle scents. It’s a musky floral fragrance which, whilst designed for women, could be worn by a man (in my opinion!). I love it but tend to only wear it when going out/special occasions, as it is strong. Don’t spray more than once or twice peeps as otherwise you might give your friends a headache! One or two squirts lasts a whole day if you’re not getting too physical, and as you only need a bit, a bottle of this fragrance will last you a long time.

Beautiful rating (I realise perfume is subjective, but!): quality 5/5, value 5/5


Nutrimetics Lash Lightning mascara *

Price range: $36.00 AUD (but online @ Nutrimetic’s Aussie site you can get it on sale for $24.90)

Where can I get it? Exclusive to Nutrimetics.

I was very excited when I saw this mascara lights up – literally! There is a push button on the lid you can use to switch it on and off, which helps you to apply it if out at night, as there is also a mirror on the side of the tube (smart stuff huh?). The gloss also lights up and I’ll insert a pic of both to show you what they look like here:

This mascara was easy to apply with a big wand which did a whole eye in one sweep. It has lasted all day without any smudging, but I am not sure if it is a waterproof formula or not (I’ll test that tonight when taking it off! ;)). However, lights and mirrors aside, I cannot say that the actual mascara is any better than my staple, Maybelline‘s Great Lash Blackest Black (which is also much cheaper!).

Beautiful rating: quality 4/5, value 4/5 (taking into account the light & mirror!)

*This product was provided to me for consideration & review.


Nutrimetics Lip Lightning lip gloss *

Price range: $29.00 AUD (currently on sale on the Aussie Nutrimetics site for $19.90)

Where can I get it? Exclusive to Nutrimetics

This also has the funky light and mirror! I had a lot of fun showing this one off at the family Xmas do. The gloss has a doe foot applicator and tastes yummy, like berries. This particular shade (Bare Naturel) appears pale pink in the tube but when it’s on it looks pretty much clear, so it’s a nice natural shade perfect for work!

It lasted on my lips reasonably well for a gloss but has a bit of a sticky finish which was not so great (this might just be a personal preference thing but I’m not so big on glosses that have a sticky feel to them!).

Beautiful rating (taking into account the funky light and mirror!): quality 4/5, value 3/5 (I don’t like to spend >$10 AUD on glosses, usually! This is because I use them up quickly, as I don’t wear lipstick often).

*This product was provided to me for consideration & review.

Β ***

Hope each and every one of you has a great week and that, if you celebrate Xmas, you don’t have much left to prepare (oh the stress!! :-0). I hope to fit in another post this week before the big 25/12.

Tutti Fruity Nutri – 2 Fab Nutrimetics Products

Welcome everyone… liking my cleaner blog layout? I’m happy with it so far but I think I’ll need a week or so to be sure about what I think! haha πŸ™‚

Earlier this week I mentioned I’d attended a Nutrimetics party. It was hosted by a friend of mine who is quite easy going and so I was assuming it would be a low key and relaxing event. It was fun BUT unfortunately the consultant was a realΒ battle axeΒ and really put the pressure on to buy things! :-O I ordered a nice hand cream (which I’m going to review soon – as per Reader Request! :)).

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to mention two of my favourite Nutrimetics products!

First, their Apricot Body Dew: Moisturising Body Lotion.

Price range: $9.99 AUD when on sale (when I bought it! ;)) but around double this usually.

Where can I get it? exclusive to Nutrimetics

This body lotion is awesome. It contains apricot oil (which the brand is famous for!) as well as shea butter, vitamin E, and wheat germ oil. It has a light consistency, is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves a yummy but not overpowering apricot fragrance.

Despite its high oil content it never clogs my skin which is important as I’m someone who can get breakouts on my shoulders and back if I use products which are too oily.

The 200mL bottle lasts a reasonable time; I alternate using it with Palmer’s Olive Butter Formula body lotion (see a review of that product here) and 2 bottles (I tend to buy 2 at a time, when they are on sale! ;)) usually last a year.

Beautiful rating: quality – 5/5, value – 5/5 when on sale


Second, the Nutri-Rich Moisturising Body Satin.

Price range: $9.99 AUD when on sale (when I bought it! ;)) but around double this usually.

Where can I get it? exclusive to Nutrimetics

This is like a spray on version of the body lotion I’ve mentioned! πŸ™‚ It is perfect for spraying on lightly before going on a night out or other special occasion, as it leaves one’s skin with a light shimmer. Like the body lotion, it smells awesome and is full of natural oil goodies!

Beautiful rating: quality – 5/5, value – 5/5 when on sale


Are there any other fans of Nutrimetics out there? If so, what have been your experiences with their products? πŸ™‚ (I hope you avoided the pushy sales consultant! LOL ;))


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