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It’s a nice day for a ROMANIAN wedding…

Happy Sundayyyyyyyy 🙂

As promised, some pics and thoughts on the wedding I attended recently (a week ago, to be precise)!*

The Ceremony

The bride and her family are originally from Romania, and so the ceremony was held at a local Romanian Orthodox church. The wedding ceremony was very similar to other orthodox ceremonies that I have attended; the bride and groom each wear a crown, which is associated with particular blessings made upon the couple and sets them up as the “king and queen” of their newly created family. From the research that I have done there does not seem to be a specific reason for why/how that tradition came about! Additionally, the ceremony is extremely LONG – it was approx. 1.5 hours in duration and it was standing room only in the small church (so don’t wear super high heels like I did LOL!).

I found a website that provides an overview of various Romanian Orthodox wedding traditions for those who would like to read more about this: … it mentions additional meanings of the crowns as well as discussion of hand binding, which did not happen at the ceremony I attended.

The bride and groom looked great and the bridesmaids wore neutral coloured dresses that were quite nice.

The Reception

cute place markers... these contained sugared almonds 🙂

The reception was held at a resort hotel in West Lakes, a suburb which as the name suggests overlooks lakes! It was a very nice reception with nice food and great attention to detail. The cake was very pretty and designed by the bride; it was a marbled chocolate/vanilla cake with vanilla icing.

I thought these were nice too!

A bigger overview of the table setting:

What I wore

(My hair drove my crazy!!!
There were cyclonic like winds outside on the day which led to so/so hair! 😦 )

After some thought, I decided to go for a conservative but bright look. This meant that, as I was wearing a bright dress, I went for neutral and understated makeup; here I am with my boyfriend “R” (he’s suited up as he was one of the groomsmen!).

Face – NARS Firming Foundation in Deauxville (went for this one as it’s a sample I’ve been trying out!) + Prestige Skin Loving Minerals mineral powder in Light.

Eyes & Cheeks – Nutrimetics’ Marble Rouge in Jupiter (very versatile product this one…. have previously reviewed it here). Mascara – Nutrimetics’ Lash Lightening Mascara in Black (have also previously reviewed this one).

Lips – Prestige’s Lightshine Sheer Gloss Liner in Calla + Prestige’s Classic Lipstick in Sophia (also previously reviewed over here).

Nails – LOL after my experience with those “Kiss” nail stickers I decided to go for a simple and classic look with Cutex’s French Manicure polish in French Rose (fantastic bargain polish – got this for $2.99 at Priceline!) + some cute floral nail art stickers I bought from Morning Glory some time ago, as per below:


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post; I’m very open to any suggestions on how I can improve my writing/posts and topics to write about so feel free to contact me or “comment”! 🙂

This week I’ve got a Valentine’s Day, The Body Shop product review and an Empties (January) post planned… What do people have planned for Valentine’s Day this year??? 🙂

*I sought permission from the bride before publishing photos of the wedding on the blog; hence only a limited selection of photos have been uploaded here.

It’s a nice day for a white wedding…


…Anyone else remember that song?! 🙂 I hope that you are all enjoying your weekends! 🙂 I’ve been catching up on chores I’ve needed to get done as tomorrow I’m going to a friend’s wedding. I’m looking forward to it; the bride comes from a Romanian family and so the wedding will be held at a Romanian Orthodox church. I have never attended a Romanian wedding before so I think it will be interesting! 🙂 I like to learn about different cultures and the similarities and differences between how different cultures celebrate things.

I have thought a about what I will wear to the wedding, how I will do my makeup and so on… Will upload some pix next week! 🙂 I have decided not to have funky nails after my experience earlier this week and will go for a natural looking nails, I think.

Anyone have any wedding stories to share? My favourite wedding experience was when I travelled to Germany, waaaay back in 2006, to meet a penpal of mine and attend her wedding! I had a great time and made many friends on that trip. 🙂

Marina (R) & I (L), Heidelberg, 2006!

I have been thinking about sharing pics of my travels to different places with you all – will do it if people are interested! If I could I would go overseas every year, but unfortunately can’t afford that! So far I have been to: Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia… Within Australia I’ve been to Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

Anywhoo, I’d better get on to writing my next beauty related post for all y’all! 😉


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