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Men Wearing Makeup

Wow it’s Sunday already! Almost the end of my holidays… 😦 The good news: it’s time to share a beautiful story‘s first guest post!

What follows is from Canadian blogger Jake Sauvage. If you would like to read more from Jake check out his blog at, which features both text and video posts, and includes DIY health and beauty tips! He knows his stuff; he’s a qualified makeup artist and is expanding his skills further into hairdressing, having just started professional studies in this field.

Jake and I hope that you enjoy this post. We welcome your thoughts via Comments and/or a rating (the latter if you have a WordPress profile!)! 🙂


The men’s grooming market is growing exponentially with each passing year, but it’s not only skin care guys are starting to worry about…but makeup too! Well…a little bit. Right now it’s just bronzers, tinted moisturizers and lip balms (anymore and they’ll be fighting with their girlfriends over products in the bathroom every morning, right?)…but I’m so glad men are starting to transition into the idea that healthy, radiant looking skin also equals a good looking man (and more girl action). Today we’re going to get into a few of the products I recommend if you’re just starting to get familiar with the idea of men’s makeup…but don’t worry, I’ll take it slow.

Smashbox  Sheer  Focus Tinted Moisturizer


An oil, paraben  and fragrance-free moisturizer, this is one of the very first things you’ll want to invest in. This lightweight, sheer color moisturizer provides superior hydration and antiaging benefits (from vitamins C, E and peptides), as well as a UVA/UVB SPF of 15. The color is sheer, meaning it’ll be practically see-through and help to mask any redness or imperfections you may have…while only looking like a second skin. You won’t look like you’re wearing makeup at all, in fact you’ll just look like a better-skinned version of yourself! At $30 this is a great investment because it covers quite a few bases (moisturizer, antiaging and complexion enhancing) and with only a handful of global shades, you won’t need to be a master of makeup to find the shade that suits you!

Clinique Non-Streak Gel Bronzer


In my experience, I find that a lot of guys seeking to enhance their complexions are looking to get the look of beautifully tanned skin…but aren’t comfortable with the idea of wearing a powder and using a big fluffy brush. This works well because it creates a believable tan and comes in a gel formula, making it easier to apply. It’s also not a self-tanner either, so it easily washes off with soap in water (just in case you make a mistake). Now, two things you’ll want to keep in mind when trying to create a natural bronzed look is that you’ll want to massage the product up into the hairline and down into the neckline…this creates an optical illusion that you’re evenly tanned, rather than having a fake concentration of color.

RoC Enydrial Lip Balm


I find that nothing turns a girl off more than having chapped, coarse lips…I mean, and that would turn you off too, right? This lip balm solves a big issue for men…the consistency of it means you won’t have to apply it often (really, twice a day will have you covered) but even with the rich consistency of it there’s next to no shine to it…so you won’t have to worry about looking like you have an effeminate pucker either! This is so important if you’re ever looking to come off as a well-polished guy because the state of your lips can really tell somebody how well you take care of yourself…so don’t get lazy, now!


Special Announcement #2!


So, it is time for my second special announcement!


*Drumroll please….*

The “GUEST WRITER” section of the blog will open tomorrow!!! 🙂 Following on from my post last week in which I put out a call to guest writers, Canadian blogger Jake Sauvage has stepped up! If you are curious, click here (or visit my blogroll via the homepage) to check out his own blog – which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself – right now! 🙂

I am open to receiving guest posts from male and female bloggers on topics relevant to a beautiful story, but am particularly keen to hear from male bloggers to add a bit of balance! In return for you taking the time to guest post on my site I will be happy to guest post on yours. 🙂 Please direct any enquiries about guest posting to

Hope everyone’s having a fabulous weekend! 🙂 Mine’s been busy so far but now taking some time to put my feet up and watch more of the Australian Open (tennis) on the telly!

Dear Blokes… (an open letter to my male readers, followers, & fans)


As you know, I have set up “bloke’s corner” on the blog to provide a guy’s perspective on different health and beauty products for time to time.

I am wanting some feedback from you, so if you have some spare time please respond to my little survey (you can respond via comments, email, twitter, or whatever floats your boat!) 🙂 …

  1. Do you find the “bloke’s corner”/”a bloke’s perspective” posts interesting?
  2. Are these posts useful to you?
  3. What do you like about these posts?
  4. What don’t you like about them and/or think I could improve?
  5. Do you have any suggested topics/products for discussion and review?
  6. Any other comments?

I am also wanting to know if any of my male readers, followers or fans would like to feature as a guest writer for the blog now and again? You could do a product review or write about a topic relevant to men, health and/or beauty. Of course, you would get full credit for your post and retain ownership (copyright) of your post, and would be able to link back to your blog from the post.

Now, for some interesting articles I’ve found in recent times online relvant to dudes, but that all my readers may find interesting and/or funny:

> Bald Guyz for Bald Guys review from a fantastic blogger who writes about all sorts of stuff, known as Canadian Bald Guy

> MAN-i-cure from a fellow Adelaide beauty blogger Sakura, who is a very skilled nail artist


> Basic skin care routine tips for men from Youtuber Ross @ MensSkinCareWithRoss:

Hope you all have a great weekend! 🙂

Best wishes,


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