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News: Palmer’s have started a Men’s Range

Evening all!

I was reading through a Chemist Warehouse brochure yesterday (GREAT bargains there at the moment by the way – including 50% off all Garnier products! :)) when I saw that Palmer’s MEN Body and Face Lotion was discounted.

I didn’t know that Palmer’s had a men’s range so thought this news was pretty interesting. Palmer’s Aussie website lists this product as the only product currently in the range. The lotion is designed for both face and body, unlike their standard lotion range which is body only. It also has a special (manly, I guess haha!) “fresh scent” – I’m curious to find out what it smells like.

Behold, the first product in Palmer’s Men’s range!


Check out the US TV advertisement for this product here:

PS. It’s retailing at Chemist Warehouse for $5.69 AUD for 250ml, or $6.69 AUD for 400ml.
PPS. I do not have any affiliation with Chemist Warehouse. I’m just mentioning all this because they have got some darn good sales on at the moment and they are the only ones I’ve noticed advertising the product in Australia. 🙂

off the shelf – neutrogena, l’oreal men expert & palmolive for men

Hey! 🙂 How has everyone’s weekend been? I attended a Nutrimetics party on Saturday (more on that in an upcoming post :)) and today I have been working on some home renovations (I am in the process of giving my kitchen a makeover and am busily gathering materials together for that – it’s fun but also = $$$ :(), amongst other random stuff!

As part of all this I spent a bit of time with D at his place this afternoon. We were chatting away and I asked him about the products he currently has on his shelf in his bathroom. He kindly agreed to have his views put up on the blog. (Thanks dude! :)) Here is an abridged version of what happened… (WARNING this is a long post! :P)


Neutrogena: Oil-Free Moisture – Combination Skin

D: This is my favourite moisturiser at the moment  –this should be reviewed!

S: Ok so tell me about it. How much did it cost you?
D: Uh somewhere between $10-$15 [AUD].

S: What do you like the most about it?
D: It moisturises my skin but it also absorbs [excess] oil at the same time, it reduces shine [visible shine on the skin – when talking with D it became clear that the latter was, to him, a key feature of the product].

S: Is there anything you don’t like about it?
D: Well the cost is higher [considering] the size, compared to other products at the supermarket [D is a bloke always looking for a bargain! ;)].

S: Would you buy this again?
D: Yes I will keep buying it as it’s the only one [moisturiser] out [at the supermarket] that’s good for anti-shine.

S: What would you rate it out of 5 in terms of a) quality and b) value?
D: 4/5 for both.

***L’Oreal Men Expert Skin Caring Shave Gel Anti Irritation Sensitive Skin
(what a mouthful!)

L’Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift Foaming Cleansing Cream: Glycerin

D: I got these L’Oreal products in a pack – when I bought it you got these plus a gym towel for between $20-$30.
S: That’s pretty good value.
D: Yeah I thought getting the gym towel was good too! [My impression when talking with D about these products was that the free towel triggered him to buy the products! I know that I have sometimes been tempted to try a new product/s based on particular promotions/giveaways at the time too. Is anyone else like this???]

S: Tell me about the shaving cream first.  What do you like about it the most?
D: It is good for sensitive skin; it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. It also has a nice gel texture.

S: Would you buy it again?
D: I’m not sure; if it was on sale, yes.

S: So what do you think about the cleanser?
D: Well it leaves your face feeling clean but also it moisturises at the same time, so your skin doesn’t feel dry. I would buy it again if it was on sale.

S: What would you rate each product out of 5 in terms of a) quality and b) value?
D: 4/5 for both across the board.


Neutrogena: Deep Clean Facial Cleanser – Normal to Oily Skin

[This product, D estimates, retails for $10-15.]

D: I use this one only about 1x/month – otherwise it dries my skin out too much [I noted that on the packaging that it is designed for daily use but the manufacturers advise to use it less often if it is too drying].

S: It almost sounds like you’d consider this a “treatment”  – something to only use now and again?
D: Yeah that’s right.

S: So, given all of that, do you like this product?
D: Yeah as it does deeply clean my face and get rid of the excess oil. I would give it 4/5 overall as it does what it is meant to do!


Palmolive For Men Rapid Shave Foam Sensitive
(sorry for the black frame guys – the image wouldn’t let me crop & re-save :()

D: This should be reviewed too!
S: Ok tell me about this one.

D: It costs less than $10. It’s an inexpensive shaving foam, but despite being “sensitive” it does irritate my skin sometimes.

S: Would you buy it again?
D: Yes if/when I can only afford a cheap shaving cream.


Phew that’s a lot of products in one post! D was a very keen reviewer! 🙂

What do people think about the length of blog posts on this site? OK, too long, too short, or???  I try to vary it to keep things interesting, but all constructive feedback is welcome!

Well that’s all folks for this evening. Thanks for visiting; have a great week ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

tigi bed head

I’ve been a busy bee peeps! Time to review some more hair products, despite my ❤ for Thalgo!!! 😉

TIGI’s Bed Head is a hair wax which has been around for a long time… I used to use it when I had really short hair in high school (hmm, that’s a while ago now!) and I loved it! You can get it at places like Price Attack and Hairhouse Warehouse, not just at hairdressing salons here in Australia. Here I’m getting my boyfriend’s thoughts on the product which he has been using for some time (along with the KEVIN.MURPHY reviewed earlier this month).

tigi bed head image

S) What led you to buy this product?
R) My hairdresser recommended it to me in the beginning, but then I went on to buy it at least 4 times as I really like it.

S) How much was it and where can you get it?
R) $32.95 (AUD), from hairdressing salons. (S – readers please see my comments above – it’s likely to be cheaper if you don’t get it from the hairdresser!)

S) What do you like about it?
R) It’s in a stick form so it’s easy to apply to your hair and you get less of the product stuck on your hands later, compared to other waxes and styling products.

S) What don’t you like about it?
R) As it is a stick, when you get towards the end it is tricky to apply it to your hair.

S) Would you buy it again?
R) Sure, as I said earlier I’ve bought it several times!

S) Any other comments on this one?
R) It lasts a long time, it takes several months to use it all up.

S) What would you rate the product out of 5 for quality, and for value for money?
R) Quality I’d give a 4/5, and value 4/5.


Hi everyone…. It’s Thursday, only 1 sleep till the weekend is about to start!  🙂

Interesting post title, huh? 😉

Well I promised there’d be reviews about products for men, too, and here we go… I realise that there are also products that both guys and girls use, and so I could review those myself,  but I thought it would also be good to get a bloke’s perspective on products too.

So, I’ve enlisted my boyfriend as an assistant reviewer, and his reviews are done in an interview format – me (S) interviewing him (R). Any feedback on how you find this as a reader is very welcome – please comment! 🙂

KEVIN.MURPHY STICKY.BUSINESS is a hair wax described as a “matte texturiser” with “firm hold” by the manufacturer, as you can see here:

kevin.murphy photo1


S) What led you to buy this product?
R) My hairdresser recommended it to me.

S) How much was it and where can you get it?
R) $35.95 (AUD), from hairdressing salons.

S) What do you like about it?
R) The fragrance is good it smells like lemons. Also the product is firm hold so my hair stays in place all day, and it is soft which makes it easy to apply.

S) What don’t you like about it?
R) Nothing really.

S) Would you buy it again?
R) No I’d probably try another product, as I like to try different ones.

S) Any other comments on this one?
R) It does seem to be suited to really short hair (1-2 inches) only so I’d only recommend it to those with hair that is really short.

S) What would you rate the product out of 5 for quality, and for value for money?
R) Quality I’d give a 4/5, and value 3/5.

Thought I’d also include another pic of this product so you can get an idea of what the wax actually looks like:

kevin.murphy photo2

















Have a great Friday all! 🙂


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